Top 10 Giant Spiders

​Bolen counts down the best giant spiders in the history of the world ever. EVER!


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  • Who is

    Black Panther is One Fly Motha...

    7 hours ago

    A guy who can save the world and have an amazing love life? You're damn right.

  • Becca Seester

    Spotlight on the Let's Play Community Channel

    2 days ago

    The amount of talent in the collective Let’s Play fanbase is nothing short of incredible. Are you passionate about editing, animating, crafting, remixing music, cosplaying, or just creating in general? Whether you’re looking for a reason to try something for the first time or you’re a seasoned pro, this is the perfect opportunity to jump in and have your work seen by hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

    A lot has changed with the Let’s Play channel in the last few months, and the new logo is the least of it. As Let’s Play expands and becomes more of a hub for gaming content creators, it only makes sense to also expand the breadth of the Let’s Play Community channel.

    Introducing the New Let’s Play Community

    On March 28, 2016, the Achievement Hunter Community channel officially relaunched as the Let’s Play Community channel. It’s much more than a pretty new page design, though; it has a new zest of style and substance to accompany its new identity.

    The new Let’s Play Community channel is a hub filled with community-created video content that features the Let's Play crew. The content doesn’t just have to be Achievement Hunter-focused; it’s now open to all groups in the Let’s Play family, including Funhaus, ScrewAttack, Kinda Funny, The Creatures, and Cow Chop. The channel has also been opened up to feature a much wider range of content, including fan animations, speed art, music remixes, highlight reels, and cosplay tutorials. Basically, any Let’s Play-related fan content that can be contained in a video is fair game.

    Looking for a little inspiration? Check out these popular types of community videos.



    Speed Art

    Things to Do In...

    Hands On

    (“Hands On” videos cover anything that involves live-action crafting, including cosplay.)

    Music Remixes

    Though these approaches are a great place to start, don’t feel limited by them. The Let’s Play Community channel is also open to new series ideas, so feel free to get (even more) creative.

    Ready to Create?

    If you’re ready to start making content, there are a few things to keep in mind. @TrevorC put together a very handy list of instructions and frequently asked questions in the Let’s Play Community group. It’s best to review that info before recording your videos. If you have any questions, the Let’s Play Community group forum is a great place to start. You can also send @TrevorC a message via his profile.

    Happy creating!

  • Top 10s

    Top 10 Giant Spiders

    3 days ago

    Bolen counts down the best giant spiders in the history of the world ever. EVER!

  • Available Now Podcast

    Are We Ready For More Gears of War?

    4 days ago

    Gears of War has gone back to the future, but do we want to go back to Gears?

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    Ratchet & Clank VS Jak & Daxter

    5 days ago

    It's the battle of the dynamic duos! Which of these PlayStation all-stars will demolish the competition?

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    Wiz: Ben Singer -

    Boomstick: Chad James -

    Writer & Project Lead: Nick Cramer -

    Animator: Torrian Crawford -

    Animation Assistant: Da Vaughn "Deejay" Henderson Jr. -

    Voice of Ratchet: Daniel J Edwards -

    Voice of Clank: Josh Tomar -

    Voice of Jak: Matthew Shipman -

    Voice of Daxter: Todd Haberkorn -

    Battle Announcer: Christopher Guerrero -

    Casting & Voice Direction: Marissa Lenti -

    Asst. Voice Director: Brittany Lauda -

    Motion Capture Actor: John Francis McCullagh

    Sound Design: Noel Wiggins -

  • Who is

    Jon Snow is the Biggest Bastard on TV | "Who Is"

    1 week ago

    Is he alive? Is he dead? Who the fuck cares. One thing we do know: he's a bastard.

  • Desk of DEATH BATTLE

    The Most Derpy & Scary Pokémon

    1 week ago

    Not only do they have stupid names, they also do stupid things!

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  • Lumenati

    ​Hello Internet

    1 week ago

    Many of you may have watched the Off Topic podcast over the last few months and heard mention of a Luis. He’s the guy traveling with Geoff, or bothering Lindsay in the middle of the night with inane questions, or the traitorous rat bastard who helped Justine win that DOOM tournament.

    That’s me, I’m Luis.

    A few years ago, I met Matt and Burnie and they told me about different ideas for the future of Rooster Teeth and one always stuck with me. They described this idea Geoff had for Let’s Play, growing it into a bigger but tight-knit family of gamers. The idea was to go beyond the concept of a “YouTube network” and work hand-in-hand with content creators, imparting the wisdom Rooster Teeth had learned over 13 long years and sharing the resources they’ve built (e.g. a website platform, a successful store, a presence at conventions, etc.). Beyond the business side of things, it would open the door to new and exciting faces in let’s plays and podcasts and animations and sketches.

    A couple years passed and the company had other big goals to accomplish (...a feature-length movie is no joke, ladies and gentlemen). So when the time was right and Geoff was ready to jump into the project, Matt and Ezra tapped me on the shoulder to help bring it to life.

    So for the last 5 or 6 months, Geoff and I have been working together to build the new Let’s Play. I handle the contracts and the spreadsheets and the legal so-and-so, so Geoff can focus on the content and creative vision. When we sat down to figure out what we wanted to do, we came up with some ground rules for what the Let’s Play family was going to be about and how to identify who we wanted to bring aboard. Caleb had a great analogy about siblings and cousins on National Sibling Day, so I’ll use his categories.

    The Siblings:

    The members of Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, and ScrewAttack work for Rooster Teeth and it was really important that every move we made helped those groups grow and develop. This included supporting projects that would let everyone try new things and bring passion projects to life (look out for Theater Mode and a bunch of other soon-to-be-announced shows!). This also meant making sure everyone we chose to work with really meshed well and could support them. My job here is to help on the business side so that these guys can focus on making great content.

    The Cousins:

    The dream is always to work with people that you genuinely like, right? So we considered a few things: Who have we made content with before that worked out really well? Who does the audience seem to already really enjoy watching? Who has a different enough style and POV to feel like they’re adding something new? Who would benefit a lot from what RT has to offer, even if they stayed independent (i.e. weren’t RT employees)?

    My role here is to track down these candidates and, alongside Geoff, bring them into the fold. The initial list we created was pretty short, but there were a few standouts right off the bat. I’ve known and loved Tim Gettys and Nick Scarpino since their days at IGN, and Greg Miller had already made his mark in The Gauntlet Season 2. Their Playstation-loving ways were the perfect foil to the Xbone Cheevo Hunters. It was a no-brainer to Geoff and I, so we headed to San Francisco to talk to them about their plans for the future. Not long after I saw this...


    ...and it felt like we were reading the bones….


    As for The Creatures, I’ve worked with them for years, so I was drawn to them as well. They had a blast at RTX last year and Geoff said it best when he said they were like the younger versions of AH (sort of… maybe more like Rocky Mountain flavor Funhaus). We took a trip up to Denver and kicked things off. Once again, you all spoke to us through your comments and tweets and let us know we were on the right track well before the announcement.

    Kinda Funny and The Creatures felt like an awesome start to what we had envisioned. We plan to keep going, but we’re also not really in a rush. It’s got to click.

    So! If you’ve got a burning passion for someone or a group of someones you think is perfect for the Let’s Play family, let us know. There are no specific requirements beyond everyone here digging it and being able to make the partnership work. While it’s been cool to invite other groups into the madness, that’s not a specific expectation just a really happy accident. So send us your favorite loners, why not?

    Hope this helped you all understand what I do (and what Geoff does while Lindsay keeps the insane AH production machine running). If you want to find me, I’m on Twitter @kinowolf or playing Overwatch. See ya!

  • SideScrollers Podcast

    Taiwan's a Crazy Place | ScrewAttack's Podcast "SideScrollers"

    1 week ago

    Craig and Sam return from Taiwan with some amazing life adventures and story time!

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  • Top 10s

    Top 10 Consoles Ever Made

    1 week ago

    This is it. After 10 years of Top 10s we FINALLY list off the best video consoles ever made.