"How can I support ScrewAttack?"

To answer that question, we created the Advantage program. This is our thanks to the most supportive g1's in our beloved community - a way of giving you more ScrewAttack. We can't thank you enough because your support is what allows us to do what we love every day - making content for our extended internet family. You'll never lose essential ScrewAttack content by not being an Advantage subscriber - but you might be missing out on a second helping of dessert.

Exclusive Content for advantage subscribers

  • An Ad-Free ScrewAttack.com! (with no Ad-Block guilt)*
  • Bonus content from our originals and partner shows.
  • Early release of Original Content - including DEATH BATTLE!
  • Higher quality video and audio streams.
  • Content including bloopers, outtakes, and shenanigans in the HQ!
  • Exclusive access to giveaways and prizes.
Try out advantage for 30 days!
Just use coupon code 'TRIAL' when signing up
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