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ScrewAttack.com has been rocking the internet's face since 2006 with its original content and unique spin on everything gaming.  ScrewAttack is the new face of video game news, trailers, gameplay, original content and most importantly gaming community.  We pride ourselves in bringing you the best in everything we do and making ScrewAttack your daily destination.

"Stuttering" Craig Skistimas - General Manager, Dude Who Makes Things Go

The ScrewAttack Mastermind, "Stuttering" Craig Skistimas is heavily involved in everything that goes on at ScrewAttack on a day-to-day basis. He's been here from the beginning and pretty much bleeds this place. What's with the backwards hat? We don't really know. He just never seems to take it off.

Ben Singer - Senior Content Producer

Ben Singer originally joined the staff while still in high school, and has been studying film since the age of 10.  His first video game was Sonic the Hedgehog.  On the PC, of all things. Aside from being director and co-star of DEATH BATTLE, he writes, edits, and performs for various productions. He also has a terrible addiction to Dr. Pepper!

Chad James - Senior Manager

Chad James is our Brand Manager and head of ScrewAttack Games. He was originally hired just to handle merchandise but over the years Chad has found his way into the role of Hard News Host, co-host of SideScrollers as well as the voice of Boomstick in DEATH BATTLE! He's been playing games since the NES and especially loves fighters.

Bryan Baker - Live Show/ Content Producer

Bryan Baker is a Jack of Several Video Related Trades here at ScrewAttack. He's been gaming since the MS-DOS days and still gets a little joy out of using CD and CD\. If anyone's gonna make an obscure reference in the office, it's this guy. If you don't understand him sometimes, don't panic. There's probably a longwinded explanation.

Sean Hinz - Senior Manager/ News & Events

ScrewAttack's News Director Sean Hinz worked in logistics for over four years before decided it was time to switch industries. After a couple years spent getting an MBA and freelancing, he finally found a home at ScrewAttack.com. As far as games go, Sean likes to play anything he can get his hands on, but especially enjoys third-person action RPGs. Is that really a genre?

"Nervous" Nick Cramer  - Content Producer

"Nervous" Nick Cramer is a researcher/writer/editor extroardinaire for Death Battle and all-around master of the video arts. A Christian, aspiring filmmaker, and an "old-school gamer who missed out," he has an affinity for the classics, but is still discovering some he never played as a young'un.


Shaun interned at ScrewAttack for eight months before leaving to finish his BA in English.  Now he's back, overseeing the Advantage program and being the voice between community and crew when not co-hosting SA LIVE. Van Damme fanatic and lover of anything that has shootouts, chases, or explosions, he cried like a small child when he saw the original Die Hard in theatres.

Sam Mitchell - Merchandise Director

Technically international due to his duel citizenship with Canada, Sam comes from a background of espionage and bar tending. Growing up home schooled he honed his skills in martial arts, marksmanship, and video games. after years of being a spy he decided the espionage business wasn't for him and moved into the wonderful world of video game entertainment where he now works as ScrewAttack's merchandise director and partner coordinator. Fun fact: almost none of this is true.  Almost.


John Francis McCullagh is ScrewAttack's Best Ever and Desk of Death Battle Editor.  He trains in My Zhong Law Horn kung fu and is pursuing to be a major motion film director. He's also an actor, writer, hypnotist, poker player, and tailor.

Austin Harper - producer, Screwattack games

Never a more beautiful man that walked the face of this planet, Austin produces games for the ScrewAttack Brand. Band manager, musical madman, and know-it-all, he loves to teach the crew video game melodies every time we stay in a room with a piano. If you ever want free ScrewAttack Game Codes, harass him as much as you can!

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