What is the Advantage Program?

The Advantage Program is a monthly service that allows you to directly support your favorite online shows while receiving extra rewards in return!

What do I get when I sign up for the Advantage Program?

The entire ScrewAttack.com website with no ads.
Bonus content from our Originals and Partner shows.
Early release of Advantage Content!
Higher quality video and audio streams.
A Special Advantage bolt in your avatar.
Exclusive merchandise deals from the Store.
Invite-only online tournaments with prizes.

How much does the Advantage Program cost?

The Advantage Program only costs $3.95 a month. That's less than a cup of coffee for an entire month of extra entertainment from your favorite shows! You can even sign up for an annual subscription for only $40 and save some cash!

What videos use the higher quality Advantage player?

The Advantage player will be available on all original ScrewAttack content and all Advantage Partner content. Trailers and classic content will use the standard player (still without ads of course)

Will I only receive Advantage benefits for the show I chose to support?

Nope! When on the Advantage program you will receive full Advantage benefits from all of our shows, regardless of which you chose to support!

What "bonus content" can I expect with the Advantage program?

When subscribed to the Advantage Program you will receive extra content such as Outtakes, Making-of videos, and more!

Have other questions about the advantage program?

Send an e-mail to Advantage@ScrewAttack.com!

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