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Day Zero - The Raid on Dave and Buster's

g1 Post | Posted 4 min at 8:06am by Tom the Iron Man

For the g1s, SGC started with a little meetup on Day Zero

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SGC 2014

g1 Post | Posted 11 min at 8:00am by Tom the Iron Man

The Wildest Weekend in the South returns

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I Just Beat It: Only if?

g1 Post | Posted 21 min at 7:49am by Fortefyre

Yeah I'm behind the time, but hey, if you want to know how this game is without watching the spoiler videos. Click here!

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Heavy Metal Gamer: Speed Busters: American Highways Review

g1 Post | Posted 1 hour at 6:41am by ARProductions

Pedal to the metal, and don't look back!

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"Saints Row IV" in 5 Seconds of EPICNESS!

g1 Post | Posted 2 hours at 5:23am by Madhog thy Master


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Explain! Why People Watch Let's Plays? - Deadly Premonition

g1 Post | Posted 7 hours at 12:46am by CraigheadPro

I'm really just wondering why people even watch let's play content on YouTube to be honest. I know the biggest channel on YouTube is PewDiePie's channel but that carters to 6 year...

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Warface - Jeroscope Reviews

g1 Post | Posted 7 hours at 12:42am by Jeroscope

You got a Warface?!

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Beat Tom - Twisted Metal Giveaway Contest!

g1 Post | Posted 7 hours at 12:23am by ChanDramRutnam

Beat Tom is coming back! Watch Tom defend his title as the best at videogames ever against foes like Nathan Barnatt, Cheffid, Big Bob and more!

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Capcom considering plans to reduce development times for their games

g1 Post | Posted 9 hours at 11:09pm by King Meatball I

Goal is for around a year and a half for dev time per game within a big series.

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"Playstation Now" Open Beta | Only Rentals!? STOP IT SONY! | DB News

g1 Post | Posted 9 hours at 10:25pm by Figcoinc

Playstation Now Open Beta starts tomorrow! Still only rentals? Stop it Sony!


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