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With the impending release of Mario Kart 8, the G1 Best Ever crew decides to talk about their Best Ever Mario Kart Track.

g1 Blogs

8/9/11 1:08pm

This is the g1 gaming news page

g1 Blogs

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Megaman X VS' Samus

Blog Post | Posted 4/24/14 at 8:43pm by Pokemon or Digimon

Blog Post


Blog Post | Posted 4/24/14 at 8:24pm by AkumaTh

Showing the world that there are female Super Fighting Robots.

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SOE reveals the early plans for the microtransaction system in their upcoming H1Z1 MMO game

Blog Post | Posted 4/24/14 at 8:20pm by King Meatball I

Revealed the early plans on what content will and will not be moniterized.

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Bison's morning coffee

Blog Post | Posted 4/24/14 at 6:53pm by Mokuu

Sketch/Art: How does M.Bison likes his morning Coffee?

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The SGC Trailers - A Recap...

Blog Post | Posted 4/24/14 at 6:00pm by HybridRain

So we are getting closer and closer to SGC. Am I excited? I am super excited. So excited I do crazy Halo trailers about SGC. Let's recap these shall we?

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Descending into the Dragon's Lair Trilogy Part 2: Space Ace

Blog Post | Posted 4/24/14 at 4:57pm by hackensac

Where was Eddie Deezen when you needed him?

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The E3 Predictions Game Blog

Blog Post | Posted 4/24/14 at 3:50pm by Wamahato

E3 is about 7 weeks away, let's already have fun predicting what will happen.

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Sony Removed PS1 & PSP Games On Vita

Blog Post | Posted 4/24/14 at 2:41pm by CaztheGamerGuy

Crash, Spyro and burn.

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Bob is back!

Blog Post | Posted 4/24/14 at 2:04pm by CyberFox

....and i don't mean the creepy as fuck Enzyte guy

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