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With Splatoon being The Big N's latest IP, find out how the colourful shooter could have starred one of the company's biggest characters...

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8/9/11 1:08pm

This is the g1 gaming news page

g1 Blogs

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Doing bandhub collabs!

Blog Post | Posted 9/1/14 at 12:00am by Prismaya

Blog Post

At the Screwvies: Episode 12

Blog Post | Posted 8/31/14 at 9:40pm by g1 Features

Our favorite summer films of 2014, Harry Potter, and Captain Marvel/Shazam. All this and more on the latest At the Screwvies

Blog Post

g1 Previews - September 2014: Wizards from the Moon.

Blog Post | Posted 8/31/14 at 5:52pm by g1 Features

Destiny, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, and Hyrule Warriors. All this and more on the latest G1 Previews.

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Producer of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow series recently left Konami

Blog Post | Posted 8/31/14 at 10:00am by King Meatball I

Spent the past 17 years with the company.

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Let's talk about "Corruption" in Games Journalism

Blog Post | Posted 8/31/14 at 9:27am by Darkseid2


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Rockstar to update radio stations in GTA V for PS4 and Xbox One versions

Blog Post | Posted 8/31/14 at 9:00am by ThatPunkAdam

Get ready to turn up the radio once again, as GTA V's re-release on current-gen platforms will be bringing some new tunes...

Blog Post

My Favorite Video Game Rentals

Blog Post | Posted 8/31/14 on 8/31 by the8bitericshow

8-Bit Eric takes a look at some of his favorite Video Games to rent growing up.

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g1 Spotlight : Nostromo Edition.

Blog Post | Posted 8/30/14 on 8/30 by g1_Spotlight

Lizards, Indie Games, and... Chrono Trigger? All this and more on the g1 Spotlight.