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Let's Play Arcade is a Youtube channel that is dedicated to making review and "let's play" videos of classic coin-op arcade games. All of our videos are recorded on an actual custom built arcade cabinet. We think that reviewing these classic and sometimes forgotten games on the hardware that they were meant to be played on brings a certain level of authenticity that you cannot achieve through emulation.

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5/18/12 4:45pm

This is the g1 shows page

g1 Shows

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Tasty Gaming

g1 Post | Posted 9/29/14 at 11:19pm by stephanie ann

Food and drink inspired by gaming.

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g1 Post | Posted 9/29/14 at 6:23pm by jeffhahn666

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Nutshell Reviews

g1 Post | Posted 9/29/14 on 9/29 by RotflWaffles

Review packed into nutshells!

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g1 Post | Posted 9/28/14 on 9/28 by liam47183

Mostly reviews and stuff. Trust me, it's really good.

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Your RPG Playin' Ass

g1 Post | Posted 9/28/14 on 9/28 by The Legendary Zoltan

Your number one source for comedy about RPGs. Watch as The Legendary Zoltan makes jokes about the opening sequences of your favorite role-playing games with his unique sense of humor. Sometimes...

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Florian Haack - Videogame metal cover and more!

g1 Post | Posted 9/26/14 on 9/26 by Collision Zero

Collision Zero's Florian Haack covers videogame themes and more!

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Kafrak Play's

g1 Post | Posted 9/25/14 on 9/25 by BITCnet

Kafrak RAGES, fears. challenges..........or just plays interesting games

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De Vermis Historia

g1 Post | Posted 9/24/14 on 9/24 by Zatrakus

Answering unasked questions about video games.

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The Co-op Couch

g1 Post | Posted 9/24/14 on 9/24 by The Console Xplosion

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AMac Reveiws

g1 Post | Posted 9/22/14 on 9/22 by AMac50000

Good or bad,Invative or anoying,Clasic or outdated. It will all be determened here.