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Reboot or Retro


Lots of older games are making a comeback! So if you could pick up only one, which is the better buy? The old-school retro or the new-school reboot?

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5/18/12 4:45pm

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g1 Shows

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Buster Mechanics

g1 Post | Posted 8/19/14 on 8/19 by SuperGamesBuster

Welcome to Buster Mechanics, a series of short videos where we'll be analyzing specific aspects of video games, and figuring out what makes these games unique and memorable.

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g1 Post | Posted 8/18/14 on 8/18 by GamesBrained

GamesBrained is a project of mine to bring throughful discussion about games to the public in an approachable fashion.

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Screwattack Dictionary

g1 Post | Posted 8/16/14 on 8/16 by Vexital24

I take you through the minds of the Screwattack crew to understand how they perceive certain words.

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The Best Games I've Ever Played

g1 Post | Posted 8/16/14 on 8/16 by E-Dog

A series in which I take a look at the best games that I've ever played.

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Let's Play Arcade

g1 Post | Posted 8/16/14 on 8/16 by LParcade

Let's Play Arcade is a Youtube channel that is dedicated to making review and "let's play" videos of classic coin-op arcade games. All of our videos are recorded on an actual...

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Buster Shot

g1 Post | Posted 8/16/14 on 8/16 by SuperGamesBuster

Welcome to Buster Shot, a series of unscripted impressions videos meant to cover whatever topical games catch my fancy. Here, we'll be deciding one thing: Is this game worth your time?

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g1 Post | Posted 8/15/14 on 8/15 by motivemakesaman

What are your favorite games songs? Let me know and maybe I will do that song next!

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Cod Black Ops 2 Gun Game Knifing

g1 Post | Posted 8/15/14 on 8/15 by The guy swagin

Full Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlpI6XvQU7pCYZEOZc4WauienjL3eZSY8

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Ascend: Hand Of Kul

g1 Post | Posted 8/15/14 on 8/15 by SyicoGamer

Ascend: Hand Of Kul GAMEPLAY

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Minecraft Fun!

g1 Post | Posted 8/14/14 on 8/14 by TGuy1000

Minecraft can be everything.