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Lumpz the Clown is here to supply you with endless amounts of gaming entertainment in the form of LP's, Reviews and MORE!

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5/18/12 4:45pm

This is the g1 shows page

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The Co-op Couch

g1 Post | Posted 9/24/14 on 9/24 by The Console Xplosion

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AMac Reveiws

g1 Post | Posted 9/22/14 on 9/22 by AMac50000

Good or bad,Invative or anoying,Clasic or outdated. It will all be determened here.

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Jaxdestroyer Reviews

g1 Post | Posted 9/22/14 on 9/22 by jaxdestroyer

I like to go in depth in my reviews. By delving into the nitty gritty we can really test the mettle of the game and whether or not you would actually want to play the game regardless of score.

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g1 Post | Posted 9/22/14 on 9/22 by LadyStarstorm

TerrorBytes is a new webshow focusing on horror games... the good, the bad, and the terrifying! Featuring reviews, how-to's, impressions and more!

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Saints Row Sundays [Let's Play Saints Row IV: Enter the Dominatrix]

g1 Post | Posted 9/21/14 on 9/21 by Cwooddirector

Every Sunday Frank Wak Productions and Cwooddirector Productions brings you a brand new episode of Let's Play Saints Row IV: Enter the Dominatrix. You're sure to enjoy this.

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Final Fantasy 1: Fully Dubbed Let's Play

g1 Post | Posted 9/20/14 on 9/20 by Frank_Wak

Love old games, but hate Reading? Then Check out Final Fantasy, the Fully Dubbed Fan made Let's play

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Archer's Slam-Bam!

g1 Post | Posted 9/20/14 on 9/20 by Archer's Slam-Bam

I tackle many topics regarding My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the fanbase that loves it!

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Radical Reviews

g1 Post | Posted 9/19/14 on 9/19 by Radical Matt

The craziest, awesomest, radicalist review show on the Internet.

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Let's Play Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

g1 Post | Posted 9/18/14 on 9/18 by Cwooddirector

It has been years since the Zoni kidnapped Clank and now Ratchet has learned that Dr. Nefarious is behind the whole thing. Can Ratchet save Clank before Dr. Nefarious executes his devious...

g1 show

Messing With/Strange Places

g1 Post | Posted 9/18/14 on 9/18 by Dum Dum Dugan

A merging of two shows about unintended content in video games.