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What if video games... had lyrics?

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5/18/12 4:45pm

This is the g1 shows page

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g1 Post | Posted 3/28/14 on 3/28 by CraigheadPro

CraigheadPro Is A Show About #VideoGameNews & #Rumors In Association With @ScrewAttack

g1 show

Aro's Let's Play Den

g1 Post | Posted 3/28/14 on 3/28 by Arogard Flamewing

Full playthroughs of games from start to finish!

g1 show

Beat This Game...Today

g1 Post | Posted 3/27/14 on 3/27 by ArthurXJason

Beat This game Today!!!!

g1 show

What's Up With Gaming

g1 Post | Posted 3/24/14 on 3/24 by DusCodyGaming

g1 show

Video Game REVIEWS

g1 Post | Posted 3/21/14 on 3/21 by The Brotherhood...


g1 show

TALES OF Retrospective

g1 Post | Posted 3/20/14 on 3/20 by The Brotherhood...

The TALES of Series Finally gets a Retrospective diving deep into its History

g1 show

Friendly Fire

g1 Post | Posted 3/19/14 on 3/19 by Friendly_Fire

Two best idiots

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g1 Post | Posted 3/18/14 on 3/18 by Blackest Templar

VOICE, VIDEO, VIOLENCE AND A BROKEN CAPS-LOCK KEY! With a furious love of the 80's in tow, Randy battles all manner of men and beasts in good 'ol fashioned fight-mans-games....

g1 show

Collision Zero - Videogame inspired Music

g1 Post | Posted 3/17/14 on 3/17 by Collision Zero

Original songs about videogames, that rock!

g1 show

MY Simple Walk Into Mordor

g1 Post | Posted 3/16/14 on 3/16 by Museyfied

I walked from Hobbiton to Mount Doom! Yes that is, despite what Boromir says, totally possible!

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