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SuperDerek's Reviews and Retrospectives focus primarily on RPGs and Action Adventure games on retro systems, with some variety thrown in for fun.

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5/18/12 4:45pm

This is the g1 shows page

g1 Shows

g1 show

Lets Play Storm in a Teacup

g1 Post | Posted 1/3/14 on 1/3 by HOGANSMASH

In a world of imagination one boy plays with tea.

g1 show


g1 Post | Posted 1/2/14 on 1/2 by boyz2games

An actually interesting Let's play channel.

g1 show

Couples Play

g1 Post | Posted 1/2/14 on 1/2 by Johnny Chase

Couples that play together stay together. Join g1 Johnny Chase and his wife Melanie as they play video games new and old. Its no about who wins or loses, its about having a good time together.

g1 show

Fanboy Faries

g1 Post | Posted 12/31/13 on 12/31 by ParadiseandFaries

A gaming variety show the likes of which you've never seen!

g1 show

The Kimble Justice Show

g1 Post | Posted 12/25/13 on 12/25 by Kimble_Justice

Video games. Retro. Indie. Cake. Poo. Love. Music. Fun. LIFE.

g1 show

Cash Cow

g1 Post | Posted 12/22/13 on 12/22 by GingahNinja47

Welcome to Game Mash's newest series: Cash Cow! Here, we'll tell you what games are worth your moo-lah! (Yes, pun intended)

g1 show

The Eternal Torment and Ascension of Hairy Bacon Gamer

g1 Post | Posted 12/20/13 on 12/20 by HairyBaconGamer

Challenge runs and attempts what few consider immpossible. These are the challenges that lift a gamer to the lofty realms of the "How the hell did you pull that off" level. How many...

g1 show

Game Day

g1 Post | Posted 12/20/13 on 12/20 by Game Day

Welcom to our poorly edited Let's Plays of mostly shitty games.

g1 show


g1 Post | Posted 12/17/13 on 12/17 by DavidtheDemigod

Video game comedy show!

g1 show

Game Character Spotlights

g1 Post | Posted 12/15/13 on 12/15 by Tetsamaru

Let's talk characters.

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