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Reboot or Retro


Lots of older games are making a comeback! So if you could pick up only one, which is the better buy? The old-school retro or the new-school reboot?

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5/18/12 4:45pm

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ZoNiCo Reviews

g1 Post | Posted 3/15/14 on 3/15 by LiamJR1

We review Bloody Traplands today on ZoNiCo, the first episode of a review series I plan on doing.

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Naterkix Drives By

g1 Post | Posted 3/14/14 on 3/14 by Naterkix

I test games I think might be interesting. These won't show a full game unless it's really, REALLY short.

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Retrospective Gaming!

g1 Post | Posted 3/14/14 on 3/14 by RetrospectiveGaming

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Nostalgic Roe

g1 Post | Posted 3/14/14 on 3/14 by nostalgicroe

The best has come from the past. But is it worth your nostalgic time?

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funnybone...snap (by devilish dallas)

g1 Post | Posted 3/14/14 on 3/14 by tex

alot of people tickle your funnybone well with me it snaps into pieces, this show is me telling jokes as devilish dallas some i made up myself and others i just thought were down right funny...

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Let's Plays!

g1 Post | Posted 3/10/14 on 3/10 by Julianator41

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The Misadventures Of Number One Cool Guy: The Grayson Evans Story

g1 Post | Posted 3/9/14 on 3/9 by GraysonEvans

I made really dumb stuff sometimes, other times I have things to say. Who know's what day it is?

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"Dude, You Haven't Played This Game?!" (D.Y.H.P.T.G?!)

g1 Post | Posted 3/7/14 on 3/7 by DYHPTG

Dude, You Haven't Played This Game?! A video game review show that always strives to deliver a fun, fresh look at the good bad and ugly of video games. Most episodes feature skits and one...

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The Touhou Retrospective

g1 Post | Posted 2/28/14 on 2/28 by ParadiseandFaries

Prepare to learn about the largest series you've never heard of!

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Recommendation Domination

g1 Post | Posted 2/27/14 on 2/27 by Rule Thirds

Need some movies to watch? Well, we've got some.