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Game Theory


Game Theory is Mythbusters for gamers! Are fatalities real? Where is Adventure Island? And what dark secrets lie in Earthbound? Every week, we separate the fact from the fiction in some of your favorite video games. Learn off-the-wall info while looking in-depth at the designer's decisions for old, new, and forgotten gems.

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5/18/12 4:45pm

This is the g1 shows page

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Memory Card Gaming

g1 Post | Posted 5/1/14 on 5/1 by T_Dude64

Memory Card Gaming

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Retromancers Lets Play and Reviews

g1 Post | Posted 4/29/14 on 4/29 by RetroKyth

High quality picture in picture let's play, reviews, and pickup videos of our favorite retro stuff!

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RememberTheAGES LIVE! - My Live Streams

g1 Post | Posted 4/27/14 on 4/27 by RememberTheAGES

This is my live stream!

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g1 Post | Posted 4/26/14 on 4/26 by joebee7447

I play and review games! I'm also an idiot. So there's that.

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Joe's annoying vlogs

g1 Post | Posted 4/26/14 on 4/26 by joeshadowman

This may or may not annoy you. Caution, I know it will.

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Video Game Guitar Covers

g1 Post | Posted 4/23/14 on 4/23 by DarksideEternity

Guitar sovers of songs from your favorite games. Let the nostalgia sink into your soul!

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g1 Post | Posted 4/22/14 on 4/22 by Megaman765

Luigi answers your questions! Want them answered in full animated form? Send them here! http://luigimail.tumblr.com/

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The Gaming Historian

g1 Post | Posted 4/22/14 on 4/22 by McFrosticles

Like video games? History? You have come to the right place. The Gaming Historian is a documentary show that is all about the history of video games. I go over the history of different...

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Shadeslay plays... FTL: Faster Than Light

g1 Post | Posted 4/22/14 on 4/22 by Shadeslay

Join me for a deep space adventure in the world of FTL: Faster Than Light.

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RetrospectiveGaming And DarkBlueHaze Plays!

g1 Post | Posted 4/21/14 on 4/21 by RetrospectiveGaming

DarkBlueHaze And RetrospectiveGaming Lets Plays!