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Rants & Opinions on Pop Culture, News, Current Events, Geekdom and 80s-90s Nostalgia from a Happy or Angry Black Nerd.

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5/18/12 4:45pm

This is the g1 shows page

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Viridian Flashback: An review/collectors guide for the Xbox

g1 Post | Posted 2/10/14 on 2/10 by The D. Popka

Are you a Xbox collector or looking to be one? This show aims to help you find the best games.

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Nostalgic Internet Games

g1 Post | Posted 2/10/14 on 2/10 by SargeSparta

Ever played a game on the internet and had fond memories of it? Well chances are that game will be or will be add in this show!

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g1 Post | Posted 2/10/14 on 2/10 by ThePortlandian

A look at all things Retro and Modern coming from the same guy who brough ThePortlandian, but had issues with being able to become a partner due to registering his email as a business, and thus...

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Resident Evil 2 Playthrough

g1 Post | Posted 2/9/14 on 2/9 by Fond3ll

I'm a huge fan of the old Resident Evil games and here's my playthrough. Enjoy!

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g1 Post | Posted 2/9/14 on 2/9 by TheCrazyEven

A new show all about video game controversy!

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Let's Wrastle

g1 Post | Posted 2/5/14 on 2/5 by Rainkore

Let's Wrastle is a simple exploration into the world of wrestling video games. We play everything from retro, last-gen, and next. Presented by Gaming With Scissors.

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VGR Challenge

g1 Post | Posted 2/5/14 on 2/5 by VideoGameRescue

Kevin accepts challenges from viewers and attempts to beat the challenge.

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Let's play: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

g1 Post | Posted 2/4/14 on 2/4 by Ace Metal JP

Full let's plays of various different games that I've enjoyed or have been looking forward to, usually updated every monday, wednesday and friday! Metal Gear Rising is a personal...

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The Ascension Of HiaryBaconGamer Challenge 2 Pokemon Fire Red Nuzlocke

g1 Post | Posted 2/3/14 on 2/3 by HairyBaconGamer

Challenge number 2 of 100

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Things I find that are awesome

g1 Post | Posted 2/1/14 on 2/1 by Yellowcake1212