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The most evil, vile and angry gamer in the world! The Nerd joined forces with ScrewAttack in 2006 and has been dominating games (and the internet) since!

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5/18/12 4:45pm

This is the g1 shows page

g1 Shows

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A Bit Of

g1 Post | Posted 11/9/13 on 11/9 by The Cardboard Box

A Bit Of is a series of videos where Ben plays one off games to cover the stupid amount of games he has on his Steam library.

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Random Laughs

g1 Post | Posted 11/9/13 on 11/9 by Darth Plagueis.

g1 show

Renting (bad) Games

g1 Post | Posted 11/8/13 on 11/8 by audinoPawniard

g1 show

DXKramer's Skylanders Swap Force Walkthrough

g1 Post | Posted 11/7/13 on 11/7 by DXKramer

DXKramer going through all of the main story of Skylanders Swap Force.

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Mattwo's Random Reviews

g1 Post | Posted 11/7/13 on 11/7 by Mattwo

Reviewing what I want, when I want.

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Dragon Strike Team

g1 Post | Posted 11/6/13 on 11/6 by WilliamOakleaf

g1 show

1UP RAMPAGE UltimateVideoGameTournament

g1 Post | Posted 11/1/13 on 11/1 by 1UP RAMPAGE

g1 show

MattVisual Show

g1 Post | Posted 11/1/13 on 11/1 by MattVisual

Sharing my love for gaming with stupid jokes

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Leftover Culture Videogame Review

g1 Post | Posted 10/30/13 on 10/30 by Leftover Cultur...

Welcome to the Leftover Culture Review – In Australia things can take a while to get released here, so we get Bruiser, our resident Leftover Culture Review host, to shed some cultural insight...

g1 show

My YouTube Poops

g1 Post | Posted 10/29/13 on 10/29 by rareconker

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