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What will you think about a game? Join the crew as they check out the newest games and give their first impressions!

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5/18/12 4:45pm

This is the g1 shows page

g1 Shows

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The Uplink Saga

g1 Post | Posted 7/11/13 on 7/11 by SirJeffOfShort

While on their continued quest to see naked people on their computer two young men run afoul their government. Now it is up to you to help them survive.

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Hidden Gaming Gems

g1 Post | Posted 7/10/13 on 7/10 by JohnnyCrimson2000

Sure you've heard of the Halos, the Call of Dutys, the Sonics and the Marios. But have you heard of some of these games? Just because they aren't as popular doesn't mean you...

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g1 Post | Posted 7/7/13 on 7/7 by Stereoxous

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Bmcj199's Garry's Mod Fun House

g1 Post | Posted 7/6/13 on 7/6 by bmcj199

bmcj199 invites you to some Garry's Mod fun!

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SGC 2013

g1 Post | Posted 7/5/13 on 7/5 by Tom the Iron Man

Day Zero to Day 3 and beyond. The best weekend of my life.

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Dem Games

g1 Post | Posted 7/4/13 on 7/4 by Yungtown

Unique Video Game Reviews, Music, and Parodies.

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Fond3ll Plays Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep With Friends!

g1 Post | Posted 7/2/13 on 7/2 by Fond3ll

Fond3ll and his mighty party of friends travel to the distant land of "Bunkers and Badasses" to battle through hordes of skellymen, pixies, and magic in order to rescue the queen and...

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Epic Gamin': More Than Just A Game

g1 Post | Posted 7/1/13 on 7/1 by Epic Gamin'

Join Dan, Gwen, a purple...Dog? called Tech and little pink dragon called Game as they play and review games both old and new.

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Let's Play Sonic Spinball!

g1 Post | Posted 6/30/13 on 6/30 by NewGrangle

Gotta flip those flippers fast in this unique yet classic game in the Sonic franchise!

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Learning with Pokemon

g1 Post | Posted 6/29/13 on 6/29 by BloodBird

Learning the fundamentals with the help of Pokemon.

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