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Reboot or Retro


Lots of older games are making a comeback! So if you could pick up only one, which is the better buy? The old-school retro or the new-school reboot?

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5/18/12 4:45pm

This is the g1 shows page

g1 Shows

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Handheld History

g1 Post | Posted 1/29/14 on 1/29 by ebtks

A retrospective series that looks at obscure handheld titles from a range of systems.

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MadHatGamer's Gaming Show of Gaming

g1 Post | Posted 1/28/14 on 1/28 by MadHatGamer

MadHatGamer's Gaming Show of Gaming consists of two segments: A silly overview of a game, which is followed up by an equally silly playthrough.

g1 show

The FanFilm Show!

g1 Post | Posted 1/26/14 on 1/25 by kidpool9000

All those awesome FanFilms I had no part of! I thank you YouTube!

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Bucket Hat Aficionado Game Reviews

g1 Post | Posted 1/26/14 on 1/25 by CultClassicGamer

Game reviews from Noah Bradley.

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Saxcat20 Plays - Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations!

g1 Post | Posted 1/22/14 on 1/22 by Saxcat20

My Let's Play of the Third Phoenix Wright game!

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g1 Post | Posted 1/21/14 on 1/21 by SideSmash

Max Marriner shares great music with listeners every week.

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Mike & Ryan Play Something Interesting

g1 Post | Posted 1/20/14 on 1/20 by MasterPyroX

Watch the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat as Mike and Ryan take on games spanning all eras of gaming!

g1 show

Nintendo 64 Rated M

g1 Post | Posted 1/20/14 on 1/20 by Endertaker

Nintendo 64 was in the first generation of 3D gaming. It was the times where a little bit of imagination could lead you to see things in a very different way games intended too. Was it really...

g1 show

Infernikus vs Master Wayne

g1 Post | Posted 1/20/14 on 1/20 by Infernikus

A retro battle to end them all! Its Infenrikus vs Master Wayne!

g1 show

Master Wayne VS Infernikus

g1 Post | Posted 1/19/14 on 1/19 by Master Wayne

2 Retro Gamers... Do Battle... There Can Only Be One Winner.