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Reboot or Retro


Lots of older games are making a comeback! So if you could pick up only one, which is the better buy? The old-school retro or the new-school reboot?

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5/18/12 4:45pm

This is the g1 shows page

g1 Shows

g1 show

Epic Gamin': More Than Just A Game

g1 Post | Posted 7/1/13 on 7/1 by Epic Gamin'

Join Dan, Gwen, a purple...Dog? called Tech and little pink dragon called Game as they play and review games both old and new.

g1 show

Let's Play Sonic Spinball!

g1 Post | Posted 6/30/13 on 6/30 by NewGrangle

Gotta flip those flippers fast in this unique yet classic game in the Sonic franchise!

g1 show

Learning with Pokemon

g1 Post | Posted 6/29/13 on 6/29 by BloodBird

Learning the fundamentals with the help of Pokemon.

g1 show

A Wee Lil' Preview

g1 Post | Posted 6/28/13 on 6/28 by Tmax5601

As I get my hands on preview copies of games, Betas, and new releases, I'll let you know if they're worth a look or a pass-over.

g1 show

Life with The Metal

g1 Post | Posted 6/27/13 on 6/27 by immadametal

This is life with The Metal. Generally just updates, maybe convention vids, and other stuff. Mostly game stuff probably.

g1 show

Oolen's Gaming Omniverse

g1 Post | Posted 6/27/13 on 6/27 by Oolen

Welcome to the Omniverse!

g1 show

POWER Blast!

g1 Post | Posted 6/26/13 on 6/26 by Down With OPC

IAmTheLaw.net brings you the POWER Blast! A whenever-we-feel-like-it podcast featuring OPC and Hagaki, who talk about old school video games, and other random crap!

g1 show

Fresh Air is Over-Rated #176 - Baby Day

g1 Post | Posted 6/25/13 on 6/25 by wildmatt

Wildmatt and Stiner discuss Microsoft's backpedaling on Xbox One's DRM policies, PS4 stuff & more. We also featured a bunch of cosplays this week.

g1 show

Da Metal Got Game, Do You?

g1 Post | Posted 6/25/13 on 6/25 by immadametal

Gameplay videos starring yours truly, The Metal, and sometimes friends as well.

g1 show

TMax Plays - The Secret World "The Kingsmouth Journey"

g1 Post | Posted 6/24/13 on 6/24 by Tmax5601

Time to take down one of my favorite MMO's ever! The Secret World

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