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SuperDerek's Reviews and Retrospectives focus primarily on RPGs and Action Adventure games on retro systems, with some variety thrown in for fun.

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5/18/12 4:45pm

This is the g1 shows page

g1 Shows

g1 show

Slenders Show

g1 Post | Posted 7/4/14 on 7/4 by NuKez Slender

Welcome to where Slender talks (Finally)

g1 show

The Nightmare of Wolfenstien: The New Order

g1 Post | Posted 7/4/14 on 7/4 by funwithnightmares

The nightmare begins join us in the nightmare of Wolfenstein: The New Order!!!

g1 show

Timelord Gamer

g1 Post | Posted 7/3/14 on 7/3 by ___The_Doctor___

g1 show

Let's Play Shovel Knight BLIND!

g1 Post | Posted 7/2/14 on 7/2 by QuartrGuy

The Quarter Guy digs in to Yacht Club Games' debut performance! WITHOUT prior experience! God help him...

g1 show

Dedicated Gamer

g1 Post | Posted 7/1/14 on 7/1 by zarkina

Are you dedicated to games? How quick can you master a game and beat your rivals?

g1 show

One Piece Unlimited World Red Review

g1 Post | Posted 7/1/14 on 7/1 by nerdgenious

g1 show

TheBestEver546 Live!

g1 Post | Posted 7/1/14 on 7/1 by chimatronx

g1 show


g1 Post | Posted 7/1/14 on 7/1 by ADAMNATOR

Adamnator is a show about reviewing media. Usually games. Not only reviewing, but going into detail about why certain games are good or bad.

g1 show

Trivia Bits

g1 Post | Posted 7/1/14 on 7/1 by Pogue-Mahone

Various Tidbits of Video Game Trivia!

g1 show

Saturday Night Reception

g1 Post | Posted 6/30/14 on 6/30 by chimatronx

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