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Like video games? History? You have come to the right place. The Gaming Historian is a documentary show that is all about the history of video games. I go over the history of different franchises, events, and people in the video game industry.

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5/18/12 4:45pm

This is the g1 shows page

g1 Shows

g1 show

The Week Of !

g1 Post | Posted 2/23/14 on 2/23 by TheCastlevaniaNerd

Every week i'll play a different game ! DAILY UPLOADING A NEW VIDEO :D

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Game Reviews

g1 Post | Posted 2/22/14 on 2/22 by Saiyaman77


g1 show

Announcements, News and, Random Stuff

g1 Post | Posted 2/20/14 on 2/20 by Saiyaman77

Get your News, Announcements and Random Stuff over HERE!.... That kinda sounds wrong O_O Get info on what I'm doing.

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Shotrbus Erik Show

g1 Post | Posted 2/20/14 on 2/19 by Shortbus_Erik

Games, good times, and all sorts of shenannigans

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Learn the Lore

g1 Post | Posted 2/18/14 on 2/18 by SpaghettiWeegee

What's the story behind Bub and Bob? Why are the black chess pieces and the white chess pieces fighting? What purpose does stacking Tetris blocks serve? It's time to answer these...

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The Story of Charizard

g1 Post | Posted 2/14/14 on 2/14 by Saiyaman77

The Story of Charizard is about how Charizard, the strongest Pokemon, must defeat Mewtwo and stop his plans for world control

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2 (Drunk) Friends Play Super Mario 3D World

g1 Post | Posted 2/13/14 on 2/13 by blarghonk25

Sometimes we're drunk and I have no idea what happened but we played Super Mario 3D World

g1 show

HairyBaconGamer Presents Game Reviews and more.

g1 Post | Posted 2/13/14 on 2/13 by HairyBaconGamer

Video reviews and topics of debates etc. If it isn't a challenge run it's here.

g1 show

Magic Time

g1 Post | Posted 2/13/14 on 2/12 by OrangeMustache

Discussion, news and interviews related to Magic: The Gathering

g1 show

Magic: The Opening

g1 Post | Posted 2/13/14 on 2/12 by OrangeMustache

Watch me open Magic: The Gathering booster packs and other products!

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