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What if video games... had lyrics?

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5/18/12 4:45pm

This is the g1 shows page

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Garry Gamer

g1 Post | Posted 8/13/14 on 8/13 by Shane Luis

The Worst Gamer In The World.

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Positives & Negatives

g1 Post | Posted 8/12/14 on 8/12 by Shane Luis

Find the Positives & Negatives of some of the worlds best and worst video games!

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Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon | Let's Play!

g1 Post | Posted 8/11/14 on 8/11 by CoLiNieS

Join Colin on his adventure through Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon!

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SuperCrew Plays...

g1 Post | Posted 8/9/14 on 8/9 by SuperLeboy

This is the ScrewAttack Hub for the SuperCrew's Let's Plays! From The Nintendos, the Segas and the Sonys. What will we play next on The SUPERCREW!?

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g1 Post | Posted 8/9/14 on 8/9 by SNESdrunk

Quick reviews of games available on Steam

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g1 Post | Posted 8/9/14 on 8/9 by SNESdrunk

Short and to-the-point videos determining if Super Nintendo games live up to the hype, or are worth playing today at all

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Ana and Squirtle: Game Reviews

g1 Post | Posted 8/9/14 on 8/9 by BlueHoodieSquirtle

A girl and her pet Squirtle review video games for your enjoyment.

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Critical Hit

g1 Post | Posted 8/7/14 on 8/7 by BrokeBob

Join us as we share our opinions on various videogame topics.

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State of Decay: Lifeline

g1 Post | Posted 8/7/14 on 8/7 by SyicoGamer

All of my State of Decay: Lifeline videos!

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Lazy Vlogs

g1 Post | Posted 8/6/14 on 8/6 by SyicoGamer

Lazy Vlog Time! More like, Vun Vlog?