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What will you think about a game? Join the crew as they check out the newest games and give their first impressions!

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5/18/12 4:45pm

This is the g1 shows page

g1 Shows

g1 show

SGC 2014

g1 Post | Posted 7/31/14 at 8:00am by Tom the Iron Man

The Wildest Weekend in the South returns

g1 show

Saturday Shoot Bangs!

g1 Post | Posted 7/30/14 on 7/30 by Gluttonous Gamer

A new shooter EVERY SATURDAY!

g1 show

The Rambling Ram Reviews!

g1 Post | Posted 7/30/14 on 7/30 by TheRamblingRam

An obsessive-compulsive, rambling black sheep attacks the video-game and film industry using complicated guerilla methods; mainly bitching from behind a computer monitor.

g1 show

Let's Talk Games

g1 Post | Posted 7/30/14 on 7/30 by Michael Space J...

A show about enjoying games and what comes from games, mines the polotics and angst.

g1 show

Games in a Nutshell

g1 Post | Posted 7/29/14 on 7/29 by Endork

Short, blunt synopsis' of games. In other words: Games in a Nutshell

g1 show

Top Scores

g1 Post | Posted 7/28/14 on 7/28 by SuperDerek

g1 show

TheSlowSniper Plays OUTLAST

g1 Post | Posted 7/28/14 on 7/28 by theslowsniper

What happens when a boy with rarely plays horror games plays the most terryfing game known to man. watch as hilarity and chaos ensues!

g1 show

Fanboy Gaming @ Events

g1 Post | Posted 7/28/14 on 7/28 by Fanboygaming.com

TAKING OVER THE WORLD. One event at a time..

g1 show

SuperDerek Presents The Game Collection

g1 Post | Posted 7/27/14 on 7/27 by SuperDerek

SuperDerek's Reviews and Retrospectives focus primarily on RPGs and Action Adventure games on retro systems, with some variety thrown in for fun.

g1 show

Win Or Sink

g1 Post | Posted 7/27/14 on 7/27 by theslowsniper

Win Or Sink is a series where jack plays a game of gun game with a plot twist! watch to find out if hes a winner or a big sinker!

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