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What will you think about a game? Join the crew as they check out the newest games and give their first impressions!

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5/18/12 4:45pm

This is the g1 shows page

g1 Shows

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Nathan Plays: The Series

g1 Post | Posted 8/27/14 on 8/27 by BatVenom

In A World Of Amateur ScrewAttack Videos, Two Awesome Dudes Play The Games That No Amateur Gamer Has Ever Dared To Play!

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Super Easy Dark Souls

g1 Post | Posted 8/27/14 on 8/27 by ickyv

Videos on how to make Dark Souls super easy

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Legendary Hunting

g1 Post | Posted 8/27/14 on 8/27 by ickyv

The hunt for legendary loot is on!

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g1 Post | Posted 8/25/14 on 8/25 by TTGamer

Game Reviews and Sketch comedy. What more could you want :P

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The UnPro Sessions of Fatal Frame.

g1 Post | Posted 8/24/14 on 8/24 by 44Burnes

In honor of the recently announced Fatal Frame 5: the Black Haired Shrine Maiden I showcase the series and why we the consumers need to take action to bring Fatal Frame 5 beyond the shores of...

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DB News

g1 Post | Posted 8/24/14 on 8/24 by Figcoinc

DB News covers some of the most interesting stories in gaming today!

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Q of the Week!

g1 Post | Posted 8/21/14 on 8/21 by JohnnyCrimson2000

Want a chance for a free shoutout? Just answer the Question of the Week, the best reponse will be highlighted in next week's episode!

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Top 718 Pokemon by Algorithm

g1 Post | Posted 8/21/14 on 8/21 by Slashstar314

A novel-writer for unnatural patience, a computer scientist to design what humans have a hard time calculating, and a video editor to present that combination. Sounds like the three legs of a...

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Zeroes of the Storm

g1 Post | Posted 8/21/14 on 8/21 by katrasxza

Heroes of the Storm is still in its Technical Alpha Stage, which means its on invite only. There are millions of Blizzard fans that are itching to get their hands on this new MOBA and guess who...

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Games Over Food Reviews

g1 Post | Posted 8/19/14 on 8/19 by NeetGamerZ

In these reviews we explain whether you should you use your precious hard earned cash for games or for food.