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5/18/12 4:47pm

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Top 5 Reasons Destiny Will SUCK!

g1 Post | Posted 9/2/14 at 1:40pm by ChanDramRutnam

We run down the top 5 reasons Destiny won't be any good when it releases soon.

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Bunny Must Die: Chelsea and the 7 Devils | TPTV Gaming

g1 Post | Posted 9/2/14 at 12:10pm by ToasterpigTV

The reviews said it was good. THE REVIEWS SAID IT WAS GOOD! ...what happened?

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G1 interviews: Asai Nero Tran

g1 Post | Posted 9/2/14 at 12:00pm by g1 Features

Master Wayne is joined by g1 Asai Nero Tran. They talk Ice Buckets, Ninjas, Comics and 'MERICA!!!

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The Blast Processors - We Ride (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

g1 Post | Posted 9/2/14 at 11:58am by JamesRonald

The Blast Processors are incredibly pleased to present our their first music video, "We Ride"!

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[TGS 2014 Trailer] Persona 5 Delayed To 2015, Coming To PS4

g1 Post | Posted 9/2/14 at 10:05am by CaztheGamerGuy

The next entry in the Persona series is getting ready to burn some dread in the first peek at the Tokyo Game Show

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Team Yume Plays "Katawa Shoujo", Part 3: "Misha Madness"

g1 Post | Posted 9/2/14 at 9:25am by Team Yume

Harley Quinn joins "Katawa Shoujo"!

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Can Taboo - The Sixth Sense for the NES tell the future?

g1 Post | Posted 9/2/14 at 7:20am by Saxcat20

Join me and Disco Bob as we try and find out if a 25 year old game can tell our future!

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Killer Instinct - World Record Glacius 120 Hit Ultra Combo

g1 Post | Posted 9/1/14 at 11:09pm by IceWhiteScarab

My world record for Glacius non-counter breaker ultra combo

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Before Turbo Dismount. Before Happy Wheels. There was...

g1 Post | Posted 9/1/14 at 10:44pm by 44Burnes

WELCOME TO PHYSICS 101! Let's discuss Newton and how this game embraces yet defies his laws!

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g1 Post | Posted 9/1/14 at 9:43pm by CraigheadPro