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5/18/12 4:47pm

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Dark Souls Game Review

g1 Post | Posted 7/30/14 at 7:00am by TheRamblingRam

Join The Rambling Ram as he roasts s'mores at Firelink Shrine and tells you why Dark Souls is his favourite game of the previous generation! Oh Kielbasa! Wait.. that's not right is...

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Destiny Beta Review! - Plug N Play

g1 Post | Posted 7/30/14 at 6:56am by FERALxPANDA

Nick and Natalie take a quick look at the exclusive Destiny open beta!

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Let’s Talk Games (LTG) Videogame Merchandise

g1 Post | Posted 7/30/14 at 6:17am by Michael Space J...

This week we take a look at a butt load of Videogame Merchandise and I break down a little information on each.

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Google Plus Is Not My Cup Of Tea! - Sam And Max

g1 Post | Posted 7/30/14 at 3:28am by CraigheadPro

I'm just not really sure about Google+ now the more that I use it. I hear that Google is actually slowing giving up on Google plus itself. It's not a social media platform for everyone...

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An UnPro Observation of Tomodachi Life.

g1 Post | Posted 7/30/14 at 2:48am by 44Burnes

There's something sinister within Tomodachi Life...

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Say Hello To: Genesis (Series 2)

g1 Post | Posted 7/30/14 at 2:29am by ParadiseandFaries

We examine Sega's most prolific console.

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Metroid & Emotional Handling

g1 Post | Posted 7/30/14 at 12:30am by AdamButter

What maked Metroid so enticing?

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Valiant Hearts: The Great War Review

g1 Post | Posted 7/29/14 at 10:58pm by E-Dog

War makes men mad.

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"EA Access" Is it a Rip Off Right Now?

g1 Post | Posted 7/29/14 at 10:38pm by Figcoinc

Electronic Arts introduces "EA Access" Is worth it right now?

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Lets Play: Left 4 Dead 2 Part 2

g1 Post | Posted 7/29/14 at 9:13pm by Game Tangents

The Zombie Slaughter Squad has finally left the Haunted Mansion, but the holiday celebration continues.

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