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5/18/12 4:47pm

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Annoucements (May 2014)

g1 Post | Posted 5/15/14 on 5/15 by ParadiseandFaries

See what's coming down the pipeline at Paradiseandfaries

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Pokemon Names Explained! Ep. 2 - turtles and butterflies!

g1 Post | Posted 5/15/14 on 5/15 by venstex

wartortle's japanese name is kameeru, which is made up of kame = turtle and kameru = bite. That makes it a biting turtle. want to find out more names watch our pokemon namegame!

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Tanks for the Memories - That just happened

g1 Post | Posted 5/15/14 on 5/15 by Tom the Iron Man

Last game of the night, helping Werdman rank up in Tier 4, Clayvman decided to switch to Artillery, and then...this happened.

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Test Your Might!: Abadox

g1 Post | Posted 5/15/14 on 5/15 by Joshua Tiberius

Season 0 Episode 1 2/1/2014 Test Your Might! is a series devoted to the most difficult video games ever made. In the first Installment we take a look at Abadox for the Nintendo...

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Game Music Arrangements You Need to Hear

g1 Post | Posted 5/15/14 on 5/15 by SuitlessRun

Get your music pants on! Originally posted on my YouTube channel on March 7, 2013.

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El Gamer Cosplayer - Fatal Fury: "King of Fighters"

g1 Post | Posted 5/15/14 on 5/15 by martiescageda

Mexican Terry Bogard talks about the 1st KOF Tournament

g1 video

Sony Is STILL Having Financial Woes ReviewTechUSA Gives You The Details!!

g1 Post | Posted 5/14/14 on 5/14 by CraigheadPro

Sony just can't win! ReviewTechUSA lays down the fact about your PlayStation Brand and why you should be worried.

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Say Hello to: Atari 2600 (series 2)

g1 Post | Posted 5/14/14 on 5/14 by ParadiseandFaries

Everything you need to know about the Atari's first console.

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The LJN Defender wants YOU...to beat Back To The Future!

g1 Post | Posted 5/14/14 on 5/14 by CygnusDestroyer20XX

Do you have what it takes to become one of the few, the "proud", the elitest of the elite shake tossers? Also, the Defender tries to re-beat the game...this time on camera while...

g1 video

Backlogged Gaming: Top 15 Video Game Babes

g1 Post | Posted 5/14/14 on 5/14 by Ozzie Arcane

Ozzie takes a moment to share a list of his top 15 favorite video game ladies who he finds attractive that could also beat him to a bloody pulp...

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