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5/18/12 4:47pm

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Dark Cloud 2 LP, Ep 20; Monica's Gimpy

g1 Post | Posted 4/16/14 at 3:43am by Arogard Flamewing

Monica dies. Squishy scruffy nerf herder is gimpy.

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Heavy Rain - Part 1 - Midnight Munchkins

g1 Post | Posted 4/16/14 at 12:34am by Midnight Munchkins

The Munchkins are tired of all the rain, so we've decided to stay in doors and play Heavy Rain! In this episode, we wander around the house because fuck work. Heavy Rain is a game for...

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15 Unpopular Mega Man Opinions (Feat. Gaijin Goomba)

g1 Post | Posted 4/16/14 at 12:21am by Drake McWhorter

TrailerDrake and Gaijin Goomba are here with some Mega Man opinions.

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Retro Remix | Contra (Nintendo)

g1 Post | Posted 4/16/14 at 12:18am by Figcoinc

Retro Remix is back with a new look, same retro fun, and Contra!

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State of Paradiseandfaries 2014

g1 Post | Posted 4/15/14 at 11:07pm by ParadiseandFaries

I wish i had better things to report...

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GTA 5: Million Dollar Bounties - Dem Games

g1 Post | Posted 4/15/14 at 10:28pm by Yungtown

For you.

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The Child of Light: Lemuria trailer welcomes you to the world of Lemuria!

g1 Post | Posted 4/15/14 at 9:20pm by CaztheGamerGuy

Get ready to jump into the adventure on April 30th!

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Will VR Replace Human Interaction and HDTVs!?

g1 Post | Posted 4/15/14 at 7:30pm by CraigheadPro

No comment.

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Tony Hawk's Underground (LIVE!) (Part 4)

g1 Post | Posted 4/15/14 at 6:16pm by JohnnyCrimson2000

What? You mean there's more to skateboarding games than just getting points?

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MY Simple Walk Into Mordor - Finale - Mount Doom!

g1 Post | Posted 4/15/14 at 6:00pm by Museyfied

I made it to Mordor you guys!

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