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5/18/12 4:47pm

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Let's Play Jagged Alliance 2 - S2 Meet the Rebels!

g1 Post | Posted 9/19/14 at 12:47am by minotaurzombie

We deliver the note and meet up with Miguel. With our new allies in tow, we begin our march upon the evil queen and begin to take back the land!

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g1 Post | Posted 9/18/14 at 9:19pm by Frosty_Fux

Its time to take it to the streets or should I say the hood... Lets get it on!

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Tim's Top 5: iOS 8 Features

g1 Post | Posted 9/18/14 at 9:03pm by GameShell

In today's episode Tim talks about his Top 5 favorite iOS 8 Features! Check it out!

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Sunset Riders - PART 2 - Vulgar Display of Gaming

g1 Post | Posted 9/18/14 at 8:37pm by VulgarDisplayof...

Those nasty Smith Bros are going down!

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Super Genesis II Turbo Ep. 33 - Elite Four

g1 Post | Posted 9/18/14 at 6:38pm by GaminTank

This week, Dark Morris, Infernikus, and GaminTank swap stories of their first encounter with the Elite Four in Generation 1 Pokemon.

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Zombie Looney Toons

g1 Post | Posted 9/18/14 at 6:31pm by The Console Xplosion

Come check out these great Looney Toon hat that happen to be zombies

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X-Box One selling poorly in Japan? Ya don't say...

g1 Post | Posted 9/18/14 at 5:42pm by Ozzie Arcane

You mean the X-Box One isn't selling well in Japan? Why am I not surprised? I might have a heart attack and die from not surprise.

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Strange Places in Duke Nukem Forever

g1 Post | Posted 9/18/14 at 5:14pm by Dum Dum Dugan

A guide to strange places in Duke Nukem Forever.