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Why I'm Waiting on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare | SF4 Ultra

g1 Post | Posted 13 min at 1:50pm by Figcoinc

Three reasons why I'm waiting on Advance Warfare.

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Interview with the Smash Bros. 4 Announcer!

g1 Post | Posted 35 min at 1:27pm by Mykle

Check out the 1upTV/Super Mario’s Channel exclusive interview with Xander Mobus, the official announcer in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS!

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Heavy Metal Gamer: Abobo's Big Adventure Review

g1 Post | Posted 1 hour at 12:53pm by ARProductions


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Top Ten Vampires in Video Games

g1 Post | Posted 1 hour at 12:45pm by QuartrGuy

File your fangs, because The Quarter Guy is sinking his teeth in to the best bloodsuckers in gaming for Halloween!

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Extra Life Charity Stream- Redux

g1 Post | Posted 2 hours at 11:40am by Kainin

Raising money for Sick Kids.

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The Artist Speaks Ep.1 - World Maps Suck

g1 Post | Posted 2 hours at 11:36am by The-Whipple-Effect

Can't be more concise than that~

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The Artist Speaks

g1 Post | Posted 2 hours at 11:18am by The-Whipple-Effect

Talkin' Real about Design, Marketing, Culture, and More

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November is Wrestling Month!

g1 Post | Posted 2 hours at 11:05am by Johnny Chase

This November, Johnny Chase is deicating the month of November to Pro Wrestling. Let's Plays, Reviews, and The Smackdown Retrospetive every monday in November.

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Time to close the gate

g1 Post | Posted 2 hours at 11:04am by Avalonknights

Gamer gate is a gamer problem and we should take a look.

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Dukect lounge-Avengers:Age of Ultron Trailer talk/Hell in a Cell Preview

g1 Post | Posted 3 hours at 10:20am by Dukect

Today on the Dukect Lounge I talk abut the new trailer from Avengers: Age of Ultron. Also I preview WWE's next PPV Hell in a Cell


5/18/12 4:39pm