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The Retro News Round Up - October 2014

g1 Post | Posted 2 hours at 1:25am by ebtks

This month's episode of the Retro News Round Up includes Donkey Kong getting a good thrashing, Mario as a pinball, and a faithful recreation of Doom using just lego bricks.

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Hyrule Warriors Review!

g1 Post | Posted 5 hours at 10:29pm by livielu98

Well here it is folks, a review of the Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors crossover Hyrule Warriors.

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Pokémon Snap Stations - Rerez Talks

g1 Post | Posted 5 hours at 10:19pm by Shane Luis

Check out this Rare Blockbuster & Nintendo Item produced in the late 90s for Pokemon fans!

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Green Man Gaming expanding to include publishing services for PC games in the near future

g1 Post | Posted 5 hours at 10:17pm by King Meatball I

New service to be called Green Man Loaded

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Video Game Reviewer Conspiracy! - Rerez Talks

g1 Post | Posted 5 hours at 10:10pm by Shane Luis

Viode game reviewers are getting a bad rap. I think it's time it stops.

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Trove Early Access Closed Beta First Impressions

g1 Post | Posted 6 hours at 9:10pm by Tails86

To purchase the Early Beta Access Starter Pack http://www.trovegame.com/landing/ Thanks again to Trion Worlds for the Early Beta Code for showing off their game!

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Xbox One and Army Hackers Plead Guilty - "Xbox Underground"

g1 Post | Posted 6 hours at 8:46pm by Figcoinc

Hackers plead guilty in hacking the Xbox One, and Army network.

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The Whispered World - A Point 'n' Quickie Review

g1 Post | Posted 9 hours at 5:58pm by IkiFoo

2nd time lucky for Daedalic Entertainment? Find out in 10 minutes or less

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Bomberman '94 - 3 - PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16

g1 Post | Posted 9 hours at 5:57pm by Hard4Games

Hard4Games plays the frantic, multiplayer Bomberman '94 for the PC Engine.


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