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The Child of Light: Lemuria trailer welcomes you to the world of Lemuria!

g1 Post | Posted 8 hours at 9:20pm by CaztheGamerGuy

Get ready to jump into the adventure on April 30th!

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The Guardian Nitpicks: Fire Emblem Awakening

g1 Post | Posted 8 hours at 9:09pm by The Guardian

I love Fire Emblem Awakening, but that doesn't mean I can't see some faults.

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9 Year Old Reviews: Goat Simulator

g1 Post | Posted 10 hours at 7:32pm by -Mazer

Mazer's niece pays him a visit and together they give the wacky and infamous game Goat Simulator a try. How do they react to such a crazy game? Find out inside and also have a chance to...

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Will VR Replace Human Interaction and HDTVs!?

g1 Post | Posted 10 hours at 7:30pm by CraigheadPro

No comment.

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Crytek to let Crysis and Crysis 2 online multiplayer end on May 31st

g1 Post | Posted 11 hours at 6:24pm by King Meatball I

Among the large list of games affected from GameSpy's upcoming server shutdown

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Tony Hawk's Underground (LIVE!) (Part 4)

g1 Post | Posted 11 hours at 6:16pm by JohnnyCrimson2000

What? You mean there's more to skateboarding games than just getting points?

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MY Simple Walk Into Mordor - Finale - Mount Doom!

g1 Post | Posted 11 hours at 6:00pm by Museyfied

I made it to Mordor you guys!

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PSN Weekly Update 4/15/14

g1 Post | Posted 12 hours at 5:43pm by -X-

Disney's Castle of Illusion joins the Instant Game Collection, Dead Nation blasts its way onto Vita, & select LEGO games are on sale. All this and more on this edition of the Weekly...

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Top 10 Babies in Video Games

g1 Post | Posted 12 hours at 5:20pm by Woodyman

Woodyman is counting down the Top 10 Babies in Video Games. Even he doesn't know why. Originally posted on www.1MoreCastle.com

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Beyond Good & Evil sequel discussed by Rayman Legends studio

g1 Post | Posted 13 hours at 4:54pm by ThatPunkAdam

Coming off the cheerful, fun, and amazing Rayman Legends, developer Ubisoft Montpellier sheds some light on a more "serious" Beyond Good and Evil sequel...


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