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Five Nights at Freddy's with Lumpz the Clown

g1 Post | Posted 1 hour at 12:44am by LumpztheClown

Lumpz the Clown plays Five Nights at Freddy's...followed shortly after with a change of underroos!

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Lumpz the Clown Presents...

g1 Post | Posted 1 hour at 12:27am by LumpztheClown

Lumpz the Clown is here to supply you with endless amounts of gaming entertainment in the form of LP's, Reviews and MORE!

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Best Lessons in Power Rangers (From the Rangers Themselves)

g1 Post | Posted 2 hours at 12:13am by HyperdrivePics

Steven's got his favorite lessons from Power Rangers, but what about the Rangers themselves? What did they hope we got out of the show?

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Quick Fix: Cthulhu Saves the World--- Jim Nobodie

g1 Post | Posted 2 hours at 11:40pm by jimnobodie

Another Quick Fix this time about a game I like! Shocking I know... ------------------------------------ Follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/JimNobodie Like me on Facebook:...

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My Thoughts on...

g1 Post | Posted 2 hours at 11:22pm by Zoiney

A collection of thoughts and ramblings surrounding video games that I feel I should let surface.

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Indie First Impressions! Path of Shadows!

g1 Post | Posted 4 hours at 10:03pm by CraigheadPro

I sit down and give my first impressions on the indie game called Path Of Shadows. It seems to be a stealth action puzzle game that pretty much involves you going around in the shadows and...

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The Games We Hate to Love

g1 Post | Posted 4 hours at 9:32pm by Guyswithglasses

The guys and gals from Midnight City Games, Woah Dave, Robot loves gaming, Retro City Rampage, Yacht Club games, and Don't Starve talk about the games they know are bad but cant help loving...

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PSN Weekly Update 9/2/14

g1 Post | Posted 6 hours at 7:30pm by -X-

It's the first of the month so we get a slew of new PS+ content, a bunch of new games for all consoles including: PSOne Classic Megaman X4, Joe Danger, Velocity 2X, and Warriors Orochi 3...

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Will I be alive tomorrow?

g1 Post | Posted 8 hours at 5:48pm by Bonidex

Will I be alive tomorrow? Nobody knows, only God. But you can rest because He takes care of you.

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Nathan Barnatt HATES Mario Kart!

g1 Post | Posted 9 hours at 5:13pm by ChanDramRutnam

Nathan Barnatt (Keith Apicary) reveals his true feelings about Mario Kart. F-Zero over Mario Kart!


5/18/12 4:39pm