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FewTrades Review: Castlevania Judgement

g1 Post | Posted 41 weeks on 7/2 by MaxOfFewTrades

Will the Judger of Judgement abide by the jury? Or will he judge the game as innocent?

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g1 Post | Posted 41 weeks on 7/1 by Bygjuce

After 10 long years, Bygjuce makes his triumphant return to Anime! Was HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD a good choice?

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Deadpool - Part 1 - Vulgar Display of Gaming

g1 Post | Posted 41 weeks on 7/1 by VulgarDisplayof...

I'm flying solo for this part, but not for long, Mario will be back soon and drunker than ever. True story, I was there.

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Killatia at E3 2013 Retron 5 Interview

g1 Post | Posted 41 weeks on 7/1 by killatia

killatia talks with Chris Gallizzi, Product Developer for Hyperkin, about his company's latest product the Retron 5!

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Anime Gems: Utawarerumono

g1 Post | Posted 41 weeks on 7/1 by ParadiseandFaries

Just because it has an intimidating name doesn't mean you should steer clear of this fantasy epic.

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SGC 2013 - Day 3 game room (Everyone is Tired Edition)

g1 Post | Posted 41 weeks on 7/1 by lord_nova

Alberg does a walk around of the game room at SGC 2013 on the third day when things are winding down.

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Yukimura VS Marth

g1 Post | Posted 41 weeks on 7/1 by Tinnie

Yukimura VS Marth! Both leaders of powerful armies and considered by many to be the "strongest" as well as the poster boys of their respective series, who'd win in a no-holds-...

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Summer 2013 Sig Contest Voting!

g1 Post | Posted 41 weeks on 7/1 by Darkseid2

Time for voting on all those sigs and stuff! Deadline is the 7th, last voting day!

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g1 Post | Posted 41 weeks on 7/1 by moviebob

Bob Chipman (aka The Game OverThinker) wrote a book about a video game, and you can buy now right here: http://www.fangamer.net/products/super-mario-bros-3-brick-by-brick

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Don Mattrick Jumps Xbone Ship For Zynga

g1 Post | Posted 41 weeks on 7/1 by logicallydashing

Is Mattrick leaving one sinking ship for another?


5/18/12 4:39pm

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