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The Reset Button 9/2/2014 | The Elephant in the Room

g1 Post | Posted 2 hours at 11:25pm by Cyrax

Or, why we can't ignore "that" story anymore. You know the one.

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Killer Instinct - World Record Glacius 120 Hit Ultra Combo

g1 Post | Posted 2 hours at 11:09pm by IceWhiteScarab

My world record for Glacius non-counter breaker ultra combo

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Before Turbo Dismount. Before Happy Wheels. There was...

g1 Post | Posted 3 hours at 10:44pm by 44Burnes

WELCOME TO PHYSICS 101! Let's discuss Newton and how this game embraces yet defies his laws!

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g1 Post | Posted 4 hours at 9:43pm by CraigheadPro


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Remix Dat Retro! "Emerald Fields" - Sonic The Hedgehog Remix!

g1 Post | Posted 4 hours at 9:27pm by Fond3ll

It's not as fast as Sonic, but it's just as awesome!

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Hidden Gaming Gems: DOA: Xtreme Beach Volleyball

g1 Post | Posted 6 hours at 7:46pm by JohnnyCrimson2000

Is this game more than just bouncy, half-naked boobs? The answer may surprise you!

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Captain S Alpha Prime Short Trailer 2

g1 Post | Posted 7 hours at 5:53pm by YowLife Productions

Sega games, fighting, action, and comedy, what else do you need? You cheered as he saved Video Land, now get ready for the next installment in Captain S, -Alpha Prime!

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Priorities and My Gaming Channel | SF III: Third Strike

g1 Post | Posted 8 hours at 5:39pm by Figcoinc

Growing a gaming channel is fun, but keep your priorities in check.

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Sony announces themes will be returning for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita

g1 Post | Posted 8 hours at 5:25pm by ThatPunkAdam

Get ready to spice up your PlayStation 4 and Vita homepage with the return of custom themes...


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