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Quest Quorner: Mugen Souls pt 1

g1 Post | Posted 1 hour at 5:59pm by ParadiseandFaries

You do not know pain until you know Mugen Souls!

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PC Master RACE FTW! Heres Why! - Indigo Prophecy Fahrenheit

g1 Post | Posted 1 hour at 5:53pm by CraigheadPro

Just some insight for all of you console gamers that deny yourselves of the infinite access and use ability of PC Gaming. Enjoy the 1080p Indigo Prophecy Fahrenheit PC gameplay footage!

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Mark's Movie Review: The Matrix Trilogy

g1 Post | Posted 1 hour at 5:44pm by GameShell

Join GameShell's Movie Expert Mark as he oversights pieces of The Matrix Trilogy!

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Seek Find Play - Pilot Episode

g1 Post | Posted 3 hours at 4:20pm by Seek Find Play

Thrift store game hunting.

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Game Hunting

g1 Post | Posted 3 hours at 4:16pm by Seek Find Play

Seek Find Play - Game Hunting

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Hey You Pikachu in a Nutshell - Pikachu is a jerk!

g1 Post | Posted 3 hours at 3:36pm by Endork


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"PlayStation" Outsells Xbox Three to One! Yay?? | DB News

g1 Post | Posted 4 hours at 3:00pm by Figcoinc

PlayStation has a dominating sales quarter. Is that good for gamers?

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Top 5 RPG Fishing Minigames - SuperDerek's Top Scores

g1 Post | Posted 5 hours at 2:20pm by SuperDerek

I hear ScrewAttack likes Top Tens? Well I've got a top 5!

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Remix Dat Retro! "Ken's Theme" - Street Figher 2!

g1 Post | Posted 5 hours at 2:20pm by Fond3ll

Ryu approves of this and so should you!


5/18/12 4:39pm

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