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Killzone Mercenary finally gets botzone and becomes the BEST portable FPS!

g1 Post | Posted 8 hours at 9:20pm by 44Burnes

Scratch that itchy trigger finger with the ideal game mode for short bursts of violence on the go!

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g1 After Dark Presents: GameChops Power Hour

g1 Post | Posted 10 hours at 8:00pm by theentertainmentguy

Back by popular demand and made by yours truly.

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PSN Weekly Update 4/22/14

g1 Post | Posted 11 hours at 7:03pm by -X-

Pixel Junk Monster Ultimate HD joins the Instant Game Collection, The Walking Dead Season 2 makes the jump to the Vita, and Mr.Freeze comes to Batman: Arkham Origins. All this and more on this...

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Hearthstone is breaking down the virtual wall with upcoming Fireside Gatherings

g1 Post | Posted 11 hours at 6:58pm by ThatPunkAdam

If you're a fan of Blizzard's popular online card game, Hearthstone, then you won't want to miss out on the recently announced Fireside Gatherings...

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g1 Interviews: Darkseid2

g1 Post | Posted 12 hours at 5:58pm by g1 Features

Longtime g1 Darkseid2 comes to g1 Interviews and talks about his favorite games, how he discovered Screwattack, all the stuff he works on, and much more. Warning: May contain anime

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Dragon Age: Iquisition box art, digital deluxe version, and gen differences revealed

g1 Post | Posted 12 hours at 5:38pm by ThatPunkAdam

While the next chapter in Bioware's Dragon Age franchise is still ways away, the studio recently provided fans a slew of information on the upcoming RPG...

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Two more important employees have recently left Naughty Dog

g1 Post | Posted 12 hours at 5:20pm by King Meatball I

One involved with The Last of Us and the other with Uncharted 4

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Recent images leaks new forthcoming Ace Attorney prequel

g1 Post | Posted 14 hours at 4:00pm by ThatPunkAdam

The popular Ace Attorney franchise looks to be receiving a new entry, but will it be Japan exclusive?...

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4 Reasons Why Skullgirls is Amazing

g1 Post | Posted 17 hours at 12:55pm by Zubzero120

Due to Big Band being released today, here are some reasons why Skullgirls is awesome!

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A Special Treat For Yoshi Fans!

g1 Post | Posted 17 hours at 12:37pm by JohnnyCrimson2000

Here is a special "Thank You" to those of you who've help me grow as a graphic designer/digital artist!


5/18/12 4:39pm

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