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Japanese Snes Games

g1 Post | Posted 1 hour at 5:40am by Jimmygio24

Ever feel like we get robbed sometimes. I do, here is why i think so.

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Nintendo revealed a ton of new info for Smash Bros Wii U version

g1 Post | Posted 9 hours at 9:15pm by King Meatball I

50+ new details from the recent Nintendo Direct episode

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before 3DO

g1 Post | Posted 11 hours at 7:52pm by EclipZe_Muzik

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Power-Puff Girls Battle Royale!!!

g1 Post | Posted 14 hours at 5:01pm by Ynneb17

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Twitch Plays Pokemon is now playing Super Smash Bros. 3DS, will return to Hoenn with Omega Ruby

g1 Post | Posted 14 hours at 4:02pm by ThatPunkAdam

The popular Twitch account that allows viewers to decide the action on screen is now playing Nintendo's latest handheld fighter, but will return to Pokemon with Omega Ruby next month...

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Dreams of a Fanboy: Mega-Tyrantrum and Mega-Aurorus

g1 Post | Posted 15 hours at 3:42pm by Samuraispartan7000

What kind of changes would these two prehistoric giants undergo if they were to get a much needed Mega-Evolution?

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[Rumor] Spotted achievement List suggests GTA: San Andreas is to be re-mastered for the Xbox 360

g1 Post | Posted 18 hours at 12:59pm by ThatPunkAdam

As Rockstar's classic open-world title approaches its tenth anniversary, gamers should prepare for another visit to sunny San Andreas...


5/18/12 4:39pm