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g1 blog

Issac Stands his Ground in Super Smash Flash 2!

g1 Post | Posted 18 hours at 8:34pm by Jabba

The popular internet game, Super Smash Flash 2, has a newcomer coming in the next major update. The character is Isaac from Nintendo's not-so popular game series.

g1 blog

Final Fantasy VII Steam review

g1 Post | Posted 19 hours at 8:11pm by Kaibaman41


g1 blog

Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger comes to North America

g1 Post | Posted 20 hours at 7:25pm by Kaibaman41

I....did not see this one coming at all!

g1 blog

DeathBattle "Superman VS Goku" FLAWS

g1 Post | Posted 20 hours at 7:02pm by Furtyman10101

g1 blog

g1 Spotlight: Emergency Protocols Activate

g1 Post | Posted 21 hours at 6:00pm by g1_Spotlight

This week in g1 Spotlight, the GameCube, Destiny, SGC, and we all freak out.

g1 blog

Some things that inspired Batman

g1 Post | Posted 1 day on 7/27 by the goddamn batman

A subjective look at some things that gave birth to The Caped Crusader, for his 75th anniversary, as well as the 1st anniversary of my columns.

g1 blog

A 'unique, emerging IP' is in the works at SimCity studio, job listings reveal

g1 Post | Posted 1 day on 7/27 by ThatPunkAdam

Those wondering what's next for Maxis, can look no further than a recent job listing, which details some information regarding their next project...

g1 blog

Nicknames Needed for Pokemon Playthrough

g1 Post | Posted 1 day on 7/26 by GaminTank

Looking for good nickname ideas.

g1 blog

Legend of Legaia, an honestly overlooked RPG on the Playstation

g1 Post | Posted 1 day on 7/26 by MLDKF

Today, we explore one of the most underrated RPG's ever created IMHO


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