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We realize there's a lot going on here at ScrewAttack and things may be a little daunting.  If you need help with anything these are the people to get a hold of:

ScrewAttack Games (Request review copies of our games, Press Interviews, etc.) - Send an email to Austin Harper (

Business Opportunities - Send an email to Sean Hinz (

Technical Problems, Public Relations & Community Matters - Send an email to Shaun Bolen (

Advantage Membership Matters - Shaun Bolen (

DEATH BATTLE! Production Opportunities - Send an email to Ben Singer ( *Please do NOT send requests or debates: see below.*

Have a DEATH BATTLE match-up idea you'd like to request? We have 4 ways to do so!

*Please note that any requests sent to other ScrewAttack emails will be ignored and considered spam due to clogging business emails. This can cause mix ups and result in your email being banned with your requests never making it to us at all, which nobody wants to happen. So please use the proper channels. Thank you for understanding and for supporting the show!

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