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8/30/11 3:43pm

We realize there's a lot going on here at ScrewAttack and things may be a little daunting.  If you need help with anything these are the people to get a hold of:

Technical Problems - Send an email to tips@ScrewAttack.com or send Sean Hinz a message on Twitter.

Business Opportunities - Craig@ScrewAttack.com

Partner Show & Merchandise Opportunities - Sam@ScrewAttack.com

DEATH BATTLE Opportunities - Ben@ScrewAttack.com (Not for requests or debates)

Reviews Editor - Sean@screwattack.com

News Tips - Tips@ScrewAttack.com

Trailer Tips - tips@ScrewAttack.com

Public Relations & Community Matters - Shaun Bolen (SBolen@ScrewAttack.com)

Advantage Membership Matters - Shaun Bolen (SBolen@ScrewAttack.com)

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