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It's time to celebrate the worst of the worst from the past year. It's the 2011 Shitty Ass Game of the Year Awards!

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All videos, news, and other good stuff from 2011 SAGY Awards.


SAGYS 2011 - Worst Multiplatform Game Winner

Video | Posted 1/1/12 3:30pm

Which of the nominees was deemed the worst multiplatform game of 2011?


SAGYs 2011 - Worst Downloadable Winner

Video | Posted 12/30/11 1:26am

Did Ghostbusters destroy the brand in one game that took over decades to grow? The results are in!


SAGY's 2011 - Worst PS3 Game Winner

Video | Posted 12/28/11 11:05pm

Motion controls have dominated the 2011 SAGYs so far - does it continue with the PS3?


SAGY's 2011 - Worst Xbox 360 Game Winner

Video | Posted 12/26/11 9:50pm

After two weeks of intense voting we have our winner! Which of the worst is the worst for the 360?


SAGYs 2011 - Worst Multiplatform Game Nominees

Video | Posted 12/10/11 9:00am

The games that soiled more consoles are up for consideration. Which is the worst?


SAGYs 2011 - Worst Handheld Game Nominees

Video | Posted 12/9/11 1:00am

We've narrowed it down to the worst games you can play on the "can". Which one's the worst?


SAGY's 2011 - Worst Downloadable Game Nomination

Video | Posted 12/8/11 12:40am

While all these nominees aren't worth the bandwidth used to download them, which one is the worst?


SAGY's 2011 - Worst PS3 Game Nomination

Video | Posted 12/7/11 1:00am

What game is most deserving of the 2011 SAGY for Worst PS3 Exclusive? You decide!


SAGY's 2011 - Worst Wii Game Nomination

Video | Posted 12/6/11 1:01am

Which game is deserving of the 2011 SAGY for Worst Wii Exclusive? You decide!


SAGYs 2011 - Worst Xbox 360 Game Nominees

Video | Posted 12/5/11 12:00am

The nominations are in and after much deliberation we've narrowed down your suggestions to the worst of the year. Which game is deserving of the 2011 SAGY for Worst 360 Exclusive?

Blog Post

Now Accepting SAGY 2011 Suggestions!

Blog Post | Posted 11/28/11 2:49am

While other sites are doing their best to stick their noses up publishers butt's, we're here to "honor" the worst of the worst with ScrewAttack's 5th Annual Shitty Ass Game of the Year Awards. We like to call them the SAGY's.

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