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ScrewAttack's biggest party is back in 2013! Join the ScrewAttack crew, the g1 community, gamers, dorks, nerds and many other types of awesome people at the Dallas Hyatt Regency in Dallas, Texas June 21-23, 2013!  Get more information and register to attend at SGConvention.com!

All videos, news, and other good stuff from SGC 2013.


Talking to Adam Sessler at SGC

Video | Posted 7/11/13 10:10pm

When he wasn't signing autographs, taking photos, or talking on a stage, Adam Sessler was talking to Craig! See how he's adjusting to life on the internet at Revision3 and how it compares to being at G4!

Blog Post

SGC 2013 stories from the g1 community

Blog Post | Posted 7/5/13 8:00pm

We all have different adventures and experiences at SGC. These are the stories as told by the g1 community.


Nathan Barnatt Power Hour (1/3) - SGC 2013 Main Stage

Video | Posted 6/29/13 12:10am

The chaos begins with Nathan crowd surfing... and it only gets crazier from there.


Nathan Barnatt Power Hour (2/3) - SGC 2013 Main Stage

Video | Posted 6/29/13 12:08am

The battle rages on as a live episode of Beat Tom happens. Who will take the belt???


Nathan Barnatt Power Hour (3/3) - SGC 2013 Main Stage

Video | Posted 6/29/13 12:05am

Nathan finishes his hour panel by getting invaded by an unwelcome group of guests...


Retroware TV Panel (1/2) - SGC 2013 Main Stage

Video | Posted 6/27/13 12:24pm

The boys from Retroware hit the stage at SGC 2013 with some crazy antics and never-before-seen videos!

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Want a TON of photos from the first day of SGC 2013? Here ya go.

Blog Post | Posted 6/26/13 11:48pm

Didn't get a chance to go to the biggest party of the year? Check out some of these amazing pictures from the first day!


SGC Opening Ceremonies (1/3)

Video | Posted 6/26/13 12:00pm

SGC 2013 kicks off with it's Opening Ceremonies and all the fun that follows.


SGC Opening Ceremonies (2/3)

Video | Posted 6/26/13 11:55am

During part 2 of the opening ceremonies Craig drops a bomb about Angel... droping bombs.


SGC Opening Ceremonies (3/3)

Video | Posted 6/26/13 11:50am

The third part of the Opening Ceremonies to SGC 2013. Can you find Waldo?

Blog Post

SGC 2013 is over. What an AMAZING weekend!

Blog Post | Posted 6/24/13 3:40pm

The greatest party in gaming lived up to it's name in 2013. With record attendance, record memories and stories were created.


Hyatt Regency Dallas Tour for SGC 2013!

Video | Posted 6/5/13 12:03pm

Check out the bad ass venue that SGC 2013 will be held at!

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The Arcade Highlights of SGC 2013

Blog Post | Posted 6/4/13 8:10pm

We're going to have a lot of weird and awesome games this year, and these are some of the weirdest and most awesome.


Our Mega64 Video Response

Video | Posted 5/29/13 4:27pm

There will be harm. There will be foul.


It is ON! Mega64 has officially responsed to ScrewAttack

Video | Posted 5/26/13 12:00pm

Will we become ButtAttack? Will brentalfloss be brutally executed on stage? It goes down at SGC!

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