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ScrewAttack covers E3 like never before! Live streams of every press conference, first impressions of tons of games and pics of hot girls. Lots of hot girls.

All videos, news, and other good stuff from E3 2012.


g1 E3 Digital Forecast

Video | Posted 6/26/12 10:00am

Finally...that's all I can say.

Blog Post

Inside E3 Day 3

Blog Post | Posted 6/14/12 9:02pm

Brace yourself for ScrewAttack's gallery of E3 2012 Day 3 photos!

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Let the Booth Babes from E3 2012 feed your eyeballs

Blog Post | Posted 6/13/12 10:02pm

Take a peep at these booth babes from E3 2012


E3 2012 - Talking to the guys behind League of Legends

Video | Posted 6/13/12 4:23pm

Riot Games, the guys behind League of Legends, didn't really have anything new to show at E3 this year, but that didn't stop Jared from talking to them and finding out why LoL is so popular.


E3 2012 - Lost Planet 3 Gameplay

Video | Posted 6/13/12 1:25pm

Lost Planet is coming back for another game, does it looks like this one will make up for Lost Planet 2?


E3 2012 - Quantum Conundrum Gameplay

Video | Posted 6/13/12 12:46pm

You heard what Sean thought of the Portal creator's new game, now see it in action!


E3 2012 - Quantum Conundrum Impressions

Video | Posted 6/13/12 12:46pm

Quantum Conundrum is the latest game from the creator of Portal, Kim Swift, and what did Sean think of it?

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Visit E3 2012 in part 2 of our show floor gallery

Blog Post | Posted 6/13/12 12:00pm

ScrewAttack takes you straight to the show floor with this photo gallery from E3 2012.


Pro Jared vs Angry Joe in Avengers: Battle for Earth!

Video | Posted 6/13/12 11:24am

Two titans of the internet faced off as two titans of the Marvel universe when Pro Jared meets Angry Joe for Avengers: Battle for Earth!

Video Game Trailer

Borderlands 2 is Looking as Good as Ever

Video Game Trailer | Posted 6/13/12 11:10am

Also, this trailer shows off some pre-order bonuses.

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These toys from E3 2012 will blow your pants off

Blog Post | Posted 6/12/12 9:09pm

Check out these awesome toys straight from the E3 2012 show floor!

Blog Post

Rogerbarr screams about everything at E3 2012. Yeeeaaah!!!

Blog Post | Posted 6/12/12 4:47pm

From the guy that brought us Abobo's Big Adventure.

Video Game Trailer

Attack of the Undead Samurai

Video Game Trailer | Posted 6/12/12 1:04pm

With Advance Wars style combat!


Top 5 Wii U Games - E3 2012

Video | Posted 6/12/12 12:40pm

Andre the Black Nerd gives his Top 5 list of the best Nintendo Wii U moments of E3 2012.

Video Game Trailer

Prepare to Die, There's More Dark Souls

Video Game Trailer | Posted 6/12/12 12:02pm

Dark Souls is coming to the PC!

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