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2014's Music and Gaming Festival is a go with the entire ScrewAttack staff!

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All videos, news, and other good stuff from MAGFest 12.


Hot Cosplay of MAGFest 12

Video | Posted 1/15/14 12:35pm

All the awesome, sexy, and weird costumes we saw at MAGFest!


Behind the Scenes of Video Games Live - MAGFest 12 Panel

Video | Posted 1/11/14 5:19pm

Musical magician Tommy Tallarico of VGL goes in-depth!


Video Game Collecting 101 - MAGFest 12 Panel

Video | Posted 1/10/14 2:12pm

Explore the trials of collecting video games with Pat the NES Punk, Game Chasers, and other Retroware personalities!


Grumping w/ Game Grumps - MAGFest 12 Panel

Video | Posted 1/10/14 2:10pm

The Grumps grump some grumps in front of a grumpy audience.


Time for a DEATH BATTLE! - MAGFest 12 Panel

Video | Posted 1/10/14 12:35pm

Plus a preview of the upcoming Terminator VS RoboCop episode!


brentalfloss Reveals ALL - MAGFest 12 Panel

Video | Posted 1/9/14 3:54pm

The bald master of music answers some long awaited questions and explores his passion for stand-up comedy!


SideScrollers - "Season Finale"

Video | Posted 1/8/14 8:00pm

The guys wind down the season of SideScrollers live from MAGfest. SideScrollers will return!


Making the AVGN Game

Video | Posted 1/8/14 7:30pm

What's it like building a video game starring the angriest gamer in the world?

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