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ScrewAttack will be all up in PAX's video game nuts as we deliver you the best news, trailers, gameplay and original content straight from the floor.

All videos, news, and other good stuff from PAX 2011.


ScrewAttack and Destructoid: How To Build a Website at PAX '11 Pt. 1

Video | Posted 9/15/11 1:15pm

Craig and Niero have been around the block a few times when it comes to making sites so they shared their knowledge at PAX '11, see what they had to say!


ScrewAttack and Destructoid: How To Build a Website at PAX '11 Pt. 2

Video | Posted 9/15/11 1:14pm

Craig and Niero continue to share their knowledge and answer your question as their panel roles on at PAX 2011.


ScrewAttack and Destructoid: How To Build a Website at PAX '11 Pt. 3

Video | Posted 9/15/11 1:13pm

As the panel winds down ScrewAttack and Dtoid give you the secret of life... or just the secret to not going insane while running a website.

Blog Post

[Screenshots] One of Craig's Favorite Games from PAX

Blog Post | Posted 9/9/11 2:00pm

You may have heard Craig talk about Warp on SideScrollers but this little sci-fi puzzle game could be a sleeper indie hit. It may not look it by these screens but game is BLOODY and so fun.


PAX 2011 - AVGN Panel Part 1 of 3

Video | Posted 9/1/11 12:01am

At PAX 2011, our buddy James Rolfe sat down to a full room of fans to answer some questions and give a little incite into how The Nerd was made.


PAX 2011 - AVGN Panel Part 2 of 3

Video | Posted 9/1/11 12:00am

After watching his latest video, James has a new guest join him onstage to have some fun... and hand out some NES games!


PAX 2011 - AVGN Panel Part 3 of 3

Video | Posted 9/1/11 12:00am

Have the bad Bible games he's played changed James' faith at all? Yeah, that was a question at James' PAX 2011 Panel.

Video Game Trailer

Firefall PAX 2011 Trailer

Video Game Trailer | Posted 8/29/11 1:00pm

By far the hottest game at PAX 2011, see why everyone is excited about about this potential free to play megahit.

Blog Post

[Photos] More PAX Fun

Blog Post | Posted 8/28/11 8:56pm

More cosplay and fun from the floor at PAX. What's your favorite pic?

Blog Post

New Halo trilogy is given a familiar name

Blog Post | Posted 8/28/11 1:26pm

New trilogy. Old name.

Blog Post

Pink Knight is now free in Castle Crashers

Blog Post | Posted 8/28/11 10:56am

Castle Crashers fans can get a free character and help a great charity? Score!

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Super Monday Night Combat announced at PAX

Blog Post | Posted 8/27/11 11:44pm

Monday Night Combat is going free to play in 2012!

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[Photos] Cosplay at PAX 2011

Blog Post | Posted 8/27/11 3:03pm

The team at PAX caught a few attendees dressing up for the convention and we wanted to share their awesomeness. Check out some excellent cosplay coming from the PAX floor below.

Blog Post

[Screenshots] The Darkness 2

Blog Post | Posted 8/27/11 1:22pm

There are a few new screenshots for The Darkness 2 coming out of PAX. Since we haven't posted any before though, we are putting up every screenshot we have...

Blog Post

Dead Rising 2 "sandbox" allows freedom to play

Blog Post | Posted 8/27/11 12:44pm

Are you a Dead Rising fan who hates that annoying timer? Well, prepare yourself for some awesome news. Capcom has added Sandbox Mode to Dead Rising 2: Off the Record!

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