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 The Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle returns for another great year!

All videos, news, and other good stuff from PAX Prime 2012.


SmashMuck Champions invades PAX Prime

Video | Posted 9/21/12 11:30am

Last month SmashMuck Champions invaded PAX Prime. Here's a quick montage of all the cool stuff we got to do.


PAX 12 - XCOM: Enemy Unknown Hands On

Video | Posted 9/13/12 2:04pm

After waiting for more than a year, I got to play my beloved XCOM.


PAX 12 - Mechwarrior Tactics

Video | Posted 9/12/12 2:56pm

Remember that time I said that BattleTech is the best giant robot game ever?


Check Out Tomb Raider In Action

Video | Posted 9/12/12 2:27pm

Foraging, climbing over things, shooting deer in the ass, what else could you want from Tomb Raider?


Raiding Tombs at PAX Prime 2012

Video | Posted 9/12/12 2:26pm

Tomb Raider was playable at PAX Prime, and besides shooting deer in the ass what else was there to do?


PAX 12 - Mechwarrior Online

Video | Posted 9/11/12 6:15pm

Giant robot fighting comes back home in a glorious, glorious way.


Make Time For Super Time Force.

Video | Posted 9/11/12 3:47pm

From the Indie Mega Booth at PAX comes one of the indie games to watch in 2013: Super Time Force.


Check Out The Super Time Force In Action

Video | Posted 9/11/12 3:47pm

Bryan was just not very good at Super Time Force, but look past his sucking harder than a black hole to see what you should be looking forward to.

Blog Post

Forge could be the next great online game where you fight your friends

Blog Post | Posted 9/10/12 4:00pm

See how this game is something old and something new…


Injustice Is A Four Button Fighter Without A Block Button? Please Explain.

Video | Posted 9/10/12 1:30pm

We finally got to play Netherrealm Studios' new DC fighter, Injustice: Gods Among Us, at PAX and Jared had some questions for its producer.


One Does Not Simply Make A MOBA On A Console

Video | Posted 9/10/12 12:30pm

Warner Bros. is attempting a Lord of the Rings MOBA, and they're doing it on consoles. Does this look like something you want to play?


You Can Do Scary Things in Scribblenauts Unlimited

Video | Posted 9/10/12 11:30am

The dictionary only got bigger for Scribblenauts Unlimited, which means Jared is free to find inspired solutions from the darkest corners of his mind.


Blood Alone Moves The Gears of War

Video | Posted 9/10/12 10:30am

Gears of War Judgement was playable at PAX, and long time fans of the series will feel right at home.


War? War Never Changes, It Only Gets...Happier.

Video | Posted 9/10/12 9:24am

Check out the happiest little war coming to XBLA this fall!


Was Jared Happy With Happy Wars?

Video | Posted 9/10/12 9:24am

Jared got ahold of the 30 man multiplayer MOBA Happy Wars at PAX, is it a war he wants to keep fighting?

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