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 The nation's biggest LAN party happens but once a year and it is only in Dallas, TX.

All videos, news, and other good stuff from QuakeCon 2012.

Blog Post

[Interview] Sean catches up with Palmer Luckey, inventor of the Oculus Rift

Blog Post | Posted 8/8/12 8:00pm

Find out if Holodecks are really in our future...

Blog Post

The Incredible Hulk destroyed QuakeCon's BYOC room

Blog Post | Posted 8/7/12 9:00pm

It didn't stand a chance...

Blog Post

We're back with more sights from day 2 of QuakeCon 2012

Blog Post | Posted 8/7/12 12:00pm

The food court was basically a parking lot.


Newsroom: Double Kill

Video | Posted 8/6/12 10:00pm

I heard QuakeCon is shaking things up this year.

Blog Post

The BYOC area at QuakeCon 2012 had some promising competitors

Blog Post | Posted 8/6/12 9:00pm

Get ready to void your warranty!

Blog Post

Check out the show floor from Day 1 of QuakeCon 2012

Blog Post | Posted 8/6/12 12:00pm

We promise this will be shorter than Carmack's Keynote.

Blog Post

[Hands-on] Rise of the Triad is a heat-seeking rocket for your balls

Blog Post | Posted 8/3/12 8:00pm

This fast paced reboot will bring back the humor of yesteryear

Blog Post

[Hands-on] Dishonored will kill the competition in a swarm of rats

Blog Post | Posted 8/3/12 2:00pm

Will it be you or your target?

Blog Post

Oculus Rift has already been funded on Kickstarter in 24 hours

Blog Post | Posted 8/2/12 5:00pm

We are one step closer to my holodeck.

Blog Post

[Rumor] Apogee classic Rise of the Triad is coming back

Blog Post | Posted 8/2/12 4:00pm

According to the official Twitter account.

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