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The Xbox One is here! Check out anything and everything regarding Microsoft's newest console!

All videos, news, and other good stuff from Xbox One Launch.


The Greatest Xbox One Unboxing Ever!

Video | Posted 11/25/13 11:00pm


Video Game Review

Review - Ryse: Son of Rome

Video Game Review | Posted 11/25/13 10:08am

Everyone hoped for great things out of the Xbox One launch titles like Ryse: Son of Rome. Unfortunately, it's a little more style than substance.

Video Game Review

Review - Killer Instinct

Video Game Review | Posted 11/23/13 12:13pm

It's got its skeptics and it's short on features, but Killer Instinct is a modern fighter built for greatness.


Killer Instinct revisited - Everything Xbox One!

Video | Posted 11/22/13 6:29pm

We end our Xbox One exploration with an epic Killer Instinct exhibition!


Crimson Dragon - Everything Xbox One!

Video | Posted 11/22/13 5:30pm

The spiritual successor to Panzer Dragoon is finally here! Is this dragon-flying-monster-smashing-craziness worth playing?


Lococycle - Everything Xbox One!

Video | Posted 11/22/13 4:30pm

This is a thing. But is it a good thing? Or even the best thing better than all other things?


Super Mario 3D World - Everything Xbox One?

Video | Posted 11/22/13 2:30pm

We're taking a quick Nintendo Break for what just might be the best Mario game since Galaxy!


Dead Rising 3 - Everything Xbox One!

Video | Posted 11/22/13 1:15pm

The most creative zombie mass murdering simulator is back. Is this the game to buy an Xbox One for?

Blog Post

[PSA] FIFA 14 has a game crashing bug on the Xbox One when you play with friends

Blog Post | Posted 11/22/13 1:10pm

EA says they're working on a fix, but there's a workaround until then.


Forza 5 - Everything Xbox One!

Video | Posted 11/22/13 1:00pm

We're taking to the driver's seat with this beautiful looking game! Possibly the best looking game in a looooooong time...?


Fighter Within - Everything Xbox One!

Video | Posted 11/22/13 12:30pm

Time to bust out the new Kinect!


Ryse: Son of Rome - Everything Xbox One!

Video | Posted 11/22/13 12:00pm

Rome has never looked so pretty. Or at violent. Is this the new IP the Xbox One needs?


Killer Instinct - Everything Xbox One!

Video | Posted 11/22/13 11:00am

Did we start our live stream with the Xbox One's greatest launch title?

Blog Post

Xbox One loses the ability to load the day one patch via USB

Blog Post | Posted 11/21/13 5:19pm

Because Microsoft insists that you log into Xbox Live...


Developers talk about how Kinect is making a difference for the next generation of gaming

Video | Posted 11/21/13 1:10pm

Hopefully they talk about how it won't suck, but that's just my opinion.

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