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Name: ScrewAttack


SGC 2014 -Theorists Unite! Q&A with Game Theorists

Video | Posted 7/23/14 at 11:46am by ScrewAttack

At SGC 2014, the popular Game Theorists hit the main stage to go one on one with you!


Oddworld: New N' Tasty | Out of the Box

Video | Posted 7/23/14 at 10:58am by Out of the Box

We're going back to Oddworld with New n' Tasty! Is it worth the thirty bucks to ride this nostalgia train? Find out!

Blog Post

Our Personal SGC Pictures!

Blog Post | Posted 7/22/14 on 7/22 by ScrewAttackShaun

We clear our phones of all the pictures we took!


SideScrollers returns LIVE July 22nd at 4pm Central!

Video | Posted 7/21/14 on 7/21 by Random Awesomeness

After taking a few months off to recuperate from its eight year long first season, Sidescrollers is returning LIVE, Tuesday, July 22nd at 4pm Central! Be there when Craig, Chad, and Sam return...


Captain S: S, S, He's Our Man! (2007) | Classic Sunday

Video | Posted 7/20/14 on 7/20 by Classic Sunday

Love makes people do crazy things, including the Master of Video Land. Our hero Chad will go so far to win Stacy's heart that he'll even try to play soccer if that's what it takes.


What happens behind the camera during Best EVER filming?

Video | Posted 7/19/14 on 7/19 by ScrewAttackShaun

Sometimes you try to get content for Advantage . . . and you run into a wall.

Name: Bryan


Screwin' Around with Smite!

Video | Posted 7/18/14 on 7/18 by Bryan

We're joining the ranks of the gods today as we screw around with Smite!



Video | Posted 7/18/14 on 7/18 by Random Awesomeness

ScrewAttack kicked Mega64's ass at SGC 2014 . . . but was it too much of an ass-kicking to be true?


ScrewAttack Sings "Pokemon Theme Cover" SGC 2014 Ft. NateWantsToBattle

Video | Posted 7/18/14 on 7/18 by Random Awesomeness

RealTDragon gets NateWantsToBattle and the g1's at SGC 2014 to sing the Pokemon theme song!

Name: BladeBlur

Blog Post

Top 5 Panels at SGC 2014

Blog Post | Posted 7/18/14 on 7/18 by BladeBlur

This year marked my first SGC and there were so many great panels, but I decided to limit my list to the 5 that affected me the most.

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