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Captain America & the Avengers | Video Game Vault

Video | Posted 7/1/14 on 7/1 by Video Game Vault

Today on FREEDOM WEEK! It's a blast from the past as Craig discovers the lost diary of a past ScrewAttack employee and long-time friend.

Name: Top 10s


Top 5 FREEDOM! | Top 5

Video | Posted 6/29/14 on 6/29 by Top 10s

Warning: this list is too full of American pride to make any sort of sense. We can't help it, though; it's just that time of year when we start feeling twice as American as usual!


The Worst Pokemon EVER! | The Best EVER!

Video | Posted 6/28/14 on 6/28 by The Best EVER

721. That's the number of possibilities that could be named as the worst Pokemon EVER. Out of over 700 choices, which ones truly are the worst pokemon EVER?!?


Spontaneous Questions - What are the crew's personal favorite games of all time? | Advantage Content

Video | Posted 6/28/14 on 6/28 by ScrewAttackShaun

Can the crew accurately name their personal favorites when asked spontaneously?


SideScrollers Season 2 Preview

Video | Posted 6/27/14 on 6/27 by SideScrollers

Craig, Sam and Chad recently got together to test out some new equipment for season two of SideScrollers. We thought we'd share the ridiculousness. Season 2 officially premieres July 22nd...


Digging into Shovel Knight on Screwin' Around!

Video | Posted 6/27/14 on 6/27 by Screwin Around

Shovel Knight is finally out and now we can stream all of it, or at least as much as we can in 90 minutes, so that's what we're doing today on Screwin' Around!

Blog Post

We suck at SMITE, You win FREE stuff!!!

Blog Post | Posted 6/25/14 on 6/25 by HEY LET'S PLAY

Just check out these videos and automatically be entered for a chance to win FREE stuff


Wildstar | Out of the Box

Video | Posted 6/25/14 on 6/25 by Out of the Box

This time on Out of the Box, we're headed to Nexus for Wildstar! Will this new MMORPG really take over the genre? Find out!


Wanna see our new office space? | Advantage Content

Video | Posted 6/24/14 on 6/24 by ScrewAttackShaun

Technically, Advantage users get to see the new office before Chad does!


Wipeout 64 | Video Game Vault | ScrewAttack

Video | Posted 6/24/14 on 6/24 by Video Game Vault

Could this be better than F-Zero???

Hot Around the Web Archive

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