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Classic Sunday - The Ducktales Video Game Vault from 2006

Video | Posted 1/26/14 on 1/26 by Classic Sunday

The Video Game Vault features some vintage games and this one fits the bill. Ducktales Remastered has been getting a lot of attention lately but how about the original? Is it still top duck or...


The Best EVER NES Game is Mario 3! feat. Larry Oji & MovieBob

Video | Posted 1/25/14 on 1/25 by The Best EVER

It's pretty widely accepted that Super Mario Bros. 3 is the undisputed best NES game EVER, but it's not for one single reason. It's for all of these reasons!

Name: Craig


Screwin' Around with Crappy Saturn Games

Video | Posted 1/24/14 on 1/24 by Craig

Today the crew conquers the almost-forgetten-about SEGA Saturn and some of the worst games on the console.

Name: Top 10s


Even MORE Characters We Want in Smash Bros.

Video | Posted 1/23/14 on 1/23 by Top 10s

They didn't make the Top 5, but these are characters we still want.


Out of the Box - Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Video | Posted 1/22/14 on 1/22 by Out of the Box

Hey, it's a new Final Fantasy game! Let's find out if it's any good by checking out the demo together.


Last Action Hero (SNES) - Video Game Vault

Video | Posted 1/21/14 on 1/21 by Video Game Vault

The prime example of how movie-to-game adaptations should never be... ever.

Name: Top 10s


Top 5 Characters We Want in Smash Bros.

Video | Posted 1/20/14 on 1/20 by Top 10s

One of the most anticipate Nintendo games in years, we've narrowed down the new characters we'd like to see playable in the next Smash Bros.


[Advantage] Dia De Huevos live stream opening

Video | Posted 1/20/14 on 1/20 by Advantage Content

Originally aired as the opening of the Dia De Huevos live stream on Friday January 17th, you can now relive John getting punched in the nuts to death over and over again.


Classic Sunday - The very first SideScrollers ever!

Video | Posted 1/19/14 on 1/19 by Classic Sunday

Before DEATH BATTLE!, before Hard News, before the frakin Nerd, there was ScrewAttack's first feature, the Sidescrollers podcast. Listen to the first shot of the gaming revolution as the...


The Worst EVER! - Villain feat. brentalfloss and the Angry Video Game Nerd

Video | Posted 1/18/14 on 1/18 by The Best EVER

These bad guys are so bad at being bad, they're just plain awful! They really are the WORST villains EVER!

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