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Out of the Box - Strider

Video | Posted 2/27/14 on 2/27 by Out of the Box

Does the new Strider do its predecessors justice? Today we take a look at the bad ass ninja-man and all his wicked powers.


Roulette Tuesday - Stick From Hell, Blind Guide, 2 Dudes/1 Controller, Black Out

Video | Posted 2/25/14 on 2/25 by Screwin Around

Today we bring back an old favorite: Roulette Tuesday! Come watch the fun as the guys spin the wheel and alter how the game is played.


Challenge Monday - Beat TMNT: Tournament Fighters (Genesis)

Video | Posted 2/24/14 on 2/24 by Screwin Around

It's the return of Challenge Monday AND we have a special guest joining us: Andre from Black Nerd Comedy! Today's goal? Beat TMNT Tournament Fighters for the Genesis on it's...


Classic Sunday - What do you play on the toilet?

Video | Posted 2/23/14 on 2/23 by Classic Sunday

Long ago there was a truly classy and high brow show called Toilet Tuesday that looked to answer one of life's largest questions: what do you play while you poop?

Name: Craig


Hey ScrewAttack Community! Here's What's Up Next Week!

Video | Posted 2/22/14 on 2/22 by Craig

Next week (February 22nd through 28th) is going to be a little different for us. Don't freak out, it'll all return to normal soon. We'll still be delivering Hard News as well...


Screwin' Around with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Video | Posted 2/21/14 on 2/21 by Screwin Around

Today the guys sit down with an old friend in a new game: Donkey Kong!


16 Reasons We LOVE Chun Li

Video | Posted 2/20/14 on 2/20 by Random Awesomeness

From wall bouncing to crazy kicks, here's the 16 reasons we LOVE Chun Li!

Name: Evil Craig


15 Reasons We HATE Chun Li with Evil Craig

Video | Posted 2/20/14 on 2/20 by Evil Craig

Evil Craig can't stand Chun Li's stupid outfits and stupid movies! Here's the 15 reasons he HATES Chun Li and her freakish legs!


Out of the Box - Fable Anniversary

Video | Posted 2/19/14 on 2/19 by Out of the Box

This time on Out of the Box, we're going back to Albion for Fable Anniversary! Does this game make revisiting an Xbox classic worth it? Find out!


Ice Hockey - Video Game Vault

Video | Posted 2/18/14 on 2/18 by Video Game Vault

"Those Russians are hard." - Stuttering Craig

Hot Around the Web Archive

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