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Name: Nick


Going to SGC? Here's how badge pickup will work!

Video | Posted 7/8/14 on 7/8 by Nick

Three ways to enter the madness. Many ways for Craig to mess it up.


Shhhh! We're prankin' Sam! | Advantage Content

Video | Posted 7/8/14 on 7/8 by ScrewAttackShaun

Be a part of the most G-rated prank in the history of mankind.

Name: Johnfm625


SGC 2014 Dallas Sheraton Tour!

Video | Posted 7/8/14 on 7/8 by Johnfm625

Check out the Sheraton Dallas! The new location of SGC 2014, the Greatest Party in Gaming!

Name: Top 10s


Top 5 SGC Moments! ... So Far... | Top 5

Video | Posted 7/7/14 on 7/7 by Top 10s

With three SGCs completed, let's look at our favorite moments in preparation of some new ones!


The Best Weaponized Animals EVER!

Video | Posted 7/6/14 on 7/6 by The Best EVER

In video games, we like to look at animals and use them to hurt people. Whatever the reason for that may be, these are the best animal weapons EVER!


Bubble-Wrap Skin | Advantage Content

Video | Posted 7/5/14 on 7/5 by ScrewAttackShaun

Fullfilling Parker's Dreams, one piece of content at a time.

Name: ScrewAttack


Guile & Captain America defend FREEDOM!

Video | Posted 7/4/14 on 7/4 by ScrewAttack

Celebrate this glorious 4th of July with two of America's greatest heroes!


We dominate SMITE, you win FREE stuff!!!

Video | Posted 7/4/14 on 7/4 by ScrewAttackShaun

Our second SMITE contest - now with even more stuff to win!

Name: Chad

Blog Post

Disorder Reveal Trailer

Blog Post | Posted 7/3/14 on 7/3 by Chad

Introducing the next project from ScrewAttack Games


How'd we feel about Transformers 4: Age of Extinction?

Video | Posted 7/2/14 on 7/2 by ScrewAttackShaun

Our deep thoughts on a shallow topic.

Hot Around the Web Archive

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