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Name: Evil Craig


16 Reasons We LOVE Final Fantasy XIII

Video | Posted 3/6/14 on 3/6 by Evil Craig

From chocobos to scissoring-sister-cycles, here are the 16 reasons we LOVE the Final Fantasy XIII series!


The Manliest Candy

Video | Posted 3/5/14 on 3/5 by Random Awesomeness

We ate some weird unknown foreign candy. What could go wrong?


Out of the Box - South Park: The Stick of Truth

Video | Posted 3/5/14 on 3/5 by Out of the Box

This time on Out of the Box, we're headed to a small, remote mountain town for South Park: The Stick of Truth! Is this the best South Park game EVER? Find out!


Sky Kid - Video Game Vault

Video | Posted 3/4/14 on 3/4 by Video Game Vault

What if the fearsome Red Baron was actually a bird? Yep, Sky Kid asks the tough questions.

Name: Top 10s


Top 5 Free-To-Play Games!

Video | Posted 3/3/14 on 3/3 by Top 10s

A controversial trend in the gaming industry, free-to-play has taken the market by storm. Not all may appreciate that, but even they couldn't deny that these five are awesome games!


Classic Sunday - Let's take a trip to the Sci Fi Expo!

Video | Posted 3/3/14 on 3/2 by Classic Sunday

Who would win in a fight between the USS Enterprise and Jaba the Hutt? That's all we want to know!


The Best EVER! - Kirby Power-Ups

Video | Posted 3/2/14 on 3/1 by The Best EVER

For all the things Kirby has ever been able to turn into, these are the pink puff's best power-ups EVER!



Terminator VS RoboCop - DEATH BATTLE!

Video | Posted 3/1/14 on 3/1 by DEATH BATTLE

Episode 31 - Skynet VS OCP! It's the robot battle to end all robot battles! These machine-men will need everything they have to fight to the bitter end, no matter what it takes!

Name: Craig


Rocket Death Lions vs LazerWolvez - Bottoms Up Cup

Video | Posted 2/28/14 on 2/28 by Craig

One of the most important Bottoms Up Cup matches yet. Can LazerWolvez wrap up the championship or with RDL stave off the competition??


Screwin' Around with DKC2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Video | Posted 2/28/14 on 2/28 by Screwin Around

Today we play the SNES classic that introduced Dixie Kong!

Hot Around the Web Archive

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