What is ScrewAttack?

We started back in February of 2006 when we realized that the video game industry forgot games were supposed to be about FUN.  There are a lot of websites and companies that have forgotten this.  LAME.  Simply put, our goal is to produce the best, most entertaining content in the world for gamers and feature your content while doing so.  We know there's a lot of talented people out there looking for a platform for their stuff to be seen.  We are that place... and we have an awesome community to boot!  Once you're here you're a part of the family.

How long has ScrewAttack been around?

ScrewAttack officially launched February 15th, 2006.   In internet age that's like.... 92 years old.

What the heck is a "g1"?

A g1, in short, is what we call our community members.  There's no real meaning to what the "g" or the "1" means so don't go getting all crazy on  us thinking there's a deeper meaning.

Your video player sucks.  I can't watch anything/it loads slow/it's not YouTube's.

Here's some steps you can take to ensure everything will work right:

  • right click on our Springboard player, choose settings, you'll see 5 tabs on the bottom, you needs to click the first one on the left and disable hardware acceleration.
  • make sure your flash version is up to date.
  • make sure you have the latest driver for your graphics processor.

What's up with your review scale?  You guys seem to give lower scores than other sites.

On a scale of 1-10, most websites consider average games "7's".  We're a little different in how we do things.  We call our review scale "the bar scale".  Say you were going to a bar with your friends and you were to see a girl or guy and you "rate" them.  Oh, don't judge. You know everyone does it.  Anyways, most people consider an "average" looking person to be a "5" on a scale of 1 - 10.  With that in mind, that's how we rate our games.  5's are average.  10's you want to do bad, bad things to. 1's... well.... you want to punch just for being there.  Got it?  For more info check out our Official ScrewAttack Reviews Guide.

How do I use ScrewAttack's blogging system?

Good question.  While it may seem intimidating at first, rest assured, it's actually quite easy to use.  We've put together these handy walkthroughs for you to get some good tips on becoming a blogging master. All your answers can be found in the Official ScrewAttack StyleGuide.

What the heck is the Advantage Program and why should I join it?

The Advantage Program is designed to allow the backbone of ScrewAttack - the g1s - take their level of support of ScrewAttack and our shows to the next level.   It works real easy: for $3.95 a month (or $40 a year) you recieve:

- ScrewAttack.com with NO ADS
- Exclusive Bonus Content
- Early release of Advantage Content
- Better Video Quality and Much Bigger Video Player
- Exclusive merchandise deals from ScrewAttackStore.com including items from ScrewAttack, AVGN and more
- Exclusive Online Tournaments with Prizes
- Exclusive Contests
and more added soon!

How do I get my blogs and videos featured on the front page of ScrewAttack?

In short, make awesome stuff!  We will personally promote any worthy content you write or produce to the front page!  It's a great way to gain exposure for your content and writing as well as a way to challenge you to always be your best. Look for community content in the Community block on the front page!

Can I send you something? / Can I donate games to ScrewAttack?

Sure! We love all things gaming.  If you're moving, don't play something or just want us to have it you can send it to the address below.  You can bet your ass that it will have a good home to take care of it.  Just remember, once you send it to us it's ours now and you can't have it back:

1720 Lakepointe Dr. Suite 112 Lewisville, TX 75057

How can I work at ScrewAttack?

You don't find us... we find you... mwhahahahahahahahahahah.

Do you ship internationally at ScrewAttackStore?

You bet!  ScrewAttackStore.com ships anywhere and everywhere on God's green earth.  If you are alive somewhere we will get you what you ordered!

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