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Top 10 Mustaches in Gaming (feat. TheManlyStanley) - AsaiNeroTran

Video | Posted 1 week ago on 10/16 by AsaiNeroTran

Which video game characters' mustaches are the best in the business? AsaiNeroTran and TheManlyStanley are here to tell you!


Avenged Sevenfold's Lead Singer is Making a Game!

Video | Posted 1 week ago on 10/16 by Chad

Chad tests M. Shadows' gaming knowledge and they talk about his game Hail to the King Deathbat!


Dragon Age invites you to the Inquisition as the Hero of Thedas | Trailer

Video | Posted 1 week ago on 10/16 by Sean Hinz

Need more Dragon Age in your life?


Father-Son Duo Attempt to Sell Their Relatives on The Genesis Circa 1991

Video | Posted 1 week ago on 10/16 by Craig

In this AMAZING blast from the past, father and son try to get their relatives to move from the NES to the Genesis. This is the perfect blend of family and video games. SO, so great.

Blog Post

Steam offers 10 free games to try this weekend

Blog Post | Posted 1 week ago on 10/16 by Patrick Breeden

This Steam free weekend seeks to make history with 10 games at one time.

Blog Post

Google introduces Nexus Player set-top box and game console

Blog Post | Posted 1 week ago on 10/15 by Patrick Breeden

Google has an answer to Amazon Fire TV, but it likely won’t wow the tech junkies.

Blog Post

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate surpasses 2 million units in Japan

Blog Post | Posted 1 week ago on 10/15 by Patrick Breeden

The first week of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate sales surpassed the Capcom success litmus test.


Bungie pokes a little fun at the infamous loot cave, haunts it

Video | Posted 1 week ago on 10/15 by Patrick Breeden

Are a million deaths enough for Master Rahool? Probably not.


Gunpoint - After the FACT

Video | Posted 1 week ago on 10/15 by javiGoN

This indie stealth game deserves some serious love.


3 Ways to Make TETRIS a Good Movie

Video | Posted 1 week ago on 10/15 by BlackNerd

Andre BlackNerd gives 3 tips to make the upcoming Tetris movie good... or does he???


SideScrollers Extended Cut 10/15/14

Video | Posted 1 week ago on 10/15 by Advantage Content

It turns out people can be incredibly dumb at restaurants!


Alien: Isolation Part 3 - Get Away From Her, Bitchtits! (Shaun & Craig)

Video | Posted 1 week ago on 10/15 by Screwin Around

Shaun and Craig's nemesis got a name last episode, and that name is Bitchtits. Now, the giggling assholes continue on in their quest to get the hell off the Sevastopol!


The Gloves Come Off! | SideScrollers

Video | Posted 1 week ago on 10/15 by SideScrollers

With all these great games coming out, it's time for the guys to discuss GAMETOBER! Also, it's really hard to talk about fight club if you don't use your big boy words.


Shadow of Mordor - Part 10 - "Warchefs'" Gooses Are Cooked! (Chad & Sam)

Video | Posted 1 week ago on 10/14 by Screwin Around

Chad and Sam are starting to make some progress on taking down the "warchefs," and more will fall before this edition of ScrewAttack Live is done!


Shiny Gengar is Haunting Your Local GameStop Today | Trailer

Video | Posted 1 week ago on 10/13 by Sean Hinz

Would you normally hit up GameStop if this wasn't an exclusive event?


Top 10 Xbox 360 Games - All Time

Video | Posted 1 week ago on 10/13 by MetalJesusRocks

What games did you enjoy the most on the Xbox 360?


Silent HIll 2 - Nitro Rad

Video | Posted 1 week ago on 10/13 by Garanikor

The Silent Hill marathon continues with a search for a dead wife in everyone's favourite haunted town. Often considered the best in the series, is it really THAT good?

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