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PSN Weekly Update 7/15/14

Blog Post | Posted 1 week ago on 7/16 by -X-

Not to much in the new games department this week but Sony makes up for it with a 2 for 1 sale on some really great titles for the PS3 and Vita. All this and more on this weeks edition of the Weekly Update.


Is Punch-Out Racist? Game Exchange

Video | Posted 1 week ago on 7/16 by Gaijin Goombah

Is Punch-Out!! racist? Or is it a bunch of Bald Bull!?

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Club Nintendo's 2014 Gold and Platinum Rewards are all about the eShop

Blog Post | Posted 1 week ago on 7/16 by Ryan Conway

Club members who have earned the coins for Elite staus, can pick up great games such as Earhbound, Dr. Luigi, DKC Returns 3D, and Super Mario Land 2 for free!

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Gyms, Elite Four, Pikachu costumes, hidden bases and Mega Metagross shown off in new Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire trailer

Blog Post | Posted 1 week ago on 7/16 by ThatPunkAdam

Getting fans even more excited for the upcoming Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remakes, Nintendo has recently released a new trailer, jam-packed with a slew of content no trainer wants to miss...


Weird Al tells all with bad grammar to STFU

Video | Posted 1 week ago on 7/16 by Craig

As our lyrical hero continues to release a new song every day over the next few days, his latest has a subtle message for all internet grammar hipsters.


Wondering where is DEATH BATTLE?

Video | Posted 1 week ago on 7/16 by DEATH BATTLE

Godzilla VS Gamera was caught with the most ill-timed tech failure ever.

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SGC 2014 Desktop Background!

Blog Post | Posted 2 weeks ago on 7/15 by Johnfm625

You're not ready for this.


Weird Al's newest video gets us all giddy with excitement

Video | Posted 2 weeks ago on 7/14 by ScrewAttack

His newest single, "Tacky", spoofs Pharrell's "Happy" and makes Craig happier than a little girl.


By Book, Blade, and Crest of Flame; Robin, Lucina, and Captain Falcon enter the game!

Video | Posted 2 weeks ago on 7/14 by Ryan Conway

Oh and Chrom was there too...and Rayman was teased as a Trophy.

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The Infinite Video Game Playlist: DS History Edition

Blog Post | Posted 2 weeks ago on 7/13 by The Leader of t...

Since Ryan STILL hasn't created the DS IVGP, I decided to take his place and finish the never-released DS IVGP. Now let the playlist of the best selling console of all time (and its successor) commence!

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[Update] Tekken 7 officially revealed with a cinematic trailer

Blog Post | Posted 2 weeks ago on 7/13 by Ryan Conway

Its platforms and launch date are currently unknown but we do know it's being developed using Unreal Engine 4.

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Sunday Smash: Murican Mario!

Blog Post | Posted 2 weeks ago on 7/13 by Ryan Conway

Did you miss any of this week’s daily Smash Bros. screenshots? If you did, click here and catch up on all of the latest pics from Nintendo upcoming mascot brawler!


SGC 2014 Main Stage Live Stream

Video | Posted 2 weeks ago on 7/13 by Craig

We're live from SGC 2014. Tune in and catch the fun and craziness from the main stage. Use #SGC2014 to communicate with other g1s!


Top 10 Japanese Games About America - Nitro Rad

Video | Posted 2 weeks ago on 7/13 by Garanikor

Ever notice that our favourite American themed games come from the land of the rising sun? I'm going to count down my ten favourite.

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Rob Zombie directed Assassin's Creed Unity animated short to premier at Comic Con

Blog Post | Posted 2 weeks ago on 7/13 by Ryan Conway

This confirms two things: Rob Zombie is one of (if not the) busiest man in rock music and he's also a huge nerd.

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g1 Spotlight: The Pre-Sequel

Blog Post | Posted 2 weeks ago on 7/13 by g1_Spotlight

Shovel Knight, Ikaruga, and probably some SGC... All this and more in this week's g1 Spotlight.


Taco-Man Plays Captain Novolin (SNES)

Video | Posted 2 weeks ago on 7/13 by ebolaworld

Taco-Man plays a super hero with diabetes that has to check his blood sugar level while avoiding snacks. ENJOY!

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Behind the Scenes at SGC 2014 - July 10th

Blog Post | Posted 2 weeks ago on 7/12 by MechMykl

For the next few days I and my long-time comrade Adrian will be taking you behind every closed door and behind every drawn curtain for an inside look at what has become the largest gaming convention in the southwest.

Blog Post

Drawings n' Stuff: Little Mac vs. Mike Tyson [ScrewAttack Exclusive]

Blog Post | Posted 2 weeks ago on 7/12 by ElKartun

In spirit of SGC 2014 and in anticipation of 007-373-5963: The Reckoning, a.k.a., Craig vs Mike Tyson Round 2, here's some fan art. Enjoy!

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