100 rings now = an extra life in Sonic Lost World on Wii U

Posted on December 11, 2013 - 7:00pm by Ryan Conway

Based on the reactions from both the media and fans, it’s plan as day the Wii U version of SEGA’s Nintendo exclusive Sonic Lost World, has taken a bit of beating from just about every possible angle. The reasons for this are often cited as a tradition-bucking life system and confusing gameplay mechanics, which make the Lost Hex a chore to explore.  
Well, Sonic Team has listened to the criticism its received over the past few weeks and has patched the game accordingly to make it a more forgiving experience. Collecting 100 rings now grants players an extra life like in most of the previous Sonic games, players are given more lives per continue, and players now have more options when it comes to the control scheme. 
Here’s the full list of fixes provided with the patch:    
  • Collecting 100 rings will now grant the player an extra life.
  • In the event of a Game Over, we have doubled the amount of lives the player will begin with when continuing. (From 5 to 10)
  • The Indigo Asteroid, Crimson Eagle, Orange Rocket, and Black Bomb Color Powers can now be controlled using the analog stick and buttons.
  • Fixed a rare graphical issue that would sometimes appear during the pinball section of the Frozen Factory casino area.
Additional Updates:
  • When completing the NiGHTMARE DLC, users will be notified that they can re-play it after scoring 100,000 points.
  • Items will now appear on the world map. 
It’s great Sonic Team is taking the criticism to heart and doing its best to make things right but I have to ask you Sonic fans, do these changes make Sonic Lost World a more enjoyable game? Or is it still worthy of that SAGY nomination? 
I also can’t help but wonder if a similar patch is on the way for the 3DS version, cause fans didn’t exactly warm up to that one either. 

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