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2 iPads, 1 white shirt

10/31/11 1:20pm

Need a last minute costume? Get ready to win every damn Halloween costume contest out there.  All you need is a torn white jacket and some fake blood... oh yeah, and two iPad 2's.

This guy put a pair of iPad 2's to interesting use, and made a Halloween costume that is balls-to-the-walls awesome. However, you don't have to be rocket scientist rich, or smart, to make this idea work (yeah, he literally is a rocket scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory).

If you've got an iPad 2, try checking around for  friends who may have one as well. Or heck, if you can't find a second iPad, just replace the front iPad with an iPhone to look like you got blasted with a hollow-point. After that, the video pretty much explains how easy it is to put this whole thing together.  Just be sure to line your devices up properly. For a rocket scientist, this guy kind of slacked off in the consistency department.

Not exactly hard-hitting news, but you can thank us for sharing anyway.

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