2K Remains Silent on Bioshock Vita

Posted on February 21, 2014 - 6:00pm by CaztheGamerGuy



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Following the announcement of Irrational Games' closure this Tuesday, the future of the Bioshock Vita title was put into question.  A question which 2K has yet to answer.

Reported by CVG, a 2K rep has said that they have "no update" on the status of the game. Bioshock Vita has been an incredibly elusive title, first announced at E3 2011 only to be mentioned by Ken Levine's troubles in working out a deal between 2K and Sony as recent as July of 2013.

I will never understand why companies refuse to give a simple yay/nay on the future of one of its more interesting titles, let alone one that's a part of the beloved Bioshock series.  Things may be more complicated behind the scenes, but not giving a definitive answer on something like this only further complicates the matter.  That said, given Irrational Games is "winding down", it's likely that this title will never see the light of day, much to the dismay of me and my Vita.

On the other hand, it leaves me more time to play TxK.  Best game released in 2014 thus far, as far as I'm concerned.

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