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3DS Stand? Or another Speedboard?

1/12/12 8:50pm

So yeah, I just read that Kid Icarus Uprising is being bundled with this "3DS Stand" that will do practically nothing for the portable handheld system.  I'm hearing a lot of people calling this the next Wii Balance Board, but what surprises me is how few people remember the Speedboard for the NES.

Created in 1991, this atrocity was supposed to increase one's speed during gameplay, all it really did was irritate us, and gave nintendo some well undeserved money.  Sadly, history is beginning to repeat again.  According to GamingWikia.com, the Speedboard was eventually discontinued due to a child apparently torturing his pet with it. 

Now, I'm not saying some ten-year-old is going to stab their pet hamster with this thing.  But really?  Nintendo?  Haven't you learned?  Or perhaps the future generations lack the knowledge of the past.

Personally, I will gladly wait until I can get Kid Icarus Uprising by itself.  Nintendo and Pressman  got 20 bucks 20 years ago with the speedboard.  I refuse to allow them to take more of my money with worthless hunks of plastic...

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