5 Of the Most Infuriating Bosses

Posted on February 13, 2014 - 3:17pm by Tundra 95


Why the game gods have forsaken you.

You know where this is going. Sometimes, no matter how many Rocky inspired runs you take, no matter how many heart containers you collect, there will be those bosses that shatter your video game illusions with their giant overpowered fists. So wipe away those tears of agony, because we're counting down some of the worst.


#5: Shao Kahn-

Shao Kahn is very much aware of the fact that you're about to lose. Large, intimidating, and possessing an incredibly bad ass voice, Shao Kahn's arsenal of attacks are so cheap, he must've found them in the bargain bin. On top of his hail of spears and shoulder charges, he comments on how bad you suck. Devious.


#4: Ganondorf-

Ganondorf made his presence felt all throughout Ocarina of Time. When it came time to fight him, ascending his tower was incredibly nerve wracking. Beating him in human form was satisfying, but that soon melted away as he turned into his bestial form, Ganon. Also by no means was he easy. As mentioned before intimidation works heavily in his favor, especially when he temporarily disposes of the Master Sword. Good luck!


#3: Air Man-

Air Man is what happens when a Robot Master says, "Screw it!" and makes his attack pattern completely freaking random. Sending death tornadoes toward the blue bomber in unrelenting wave after unrelenting wave, Air Man never stopped until you threw the controller. He is so hard, there is a song about it.


#2: Bane-

Much like Ganondorf, Bane just doesn't know when to quit. In the most recent Batman adventure, Bane must be beaten 3 times over, each time a little more difficult. By the end of the game, he's the huge juggernaut we see in the other games. Also,  besides having the ability to snap you in half, the final Bane fight has a time limit. Yay!


#1: Mike Tyson-

Much like any tough boss, Mr. Dream himself waited patiently as your disproportionately small boxer fought his way to the top, then stepped in to pound your face into oblivion. The only known way to beat him is to withstand his hail of blows and wait for a very small window of opportunity to land a single hit, which hurt Tyson about as much as a stray plastic bag. One hit from Tyson and you're done. Does it help you to know Tyson himself isn't very good at Punch Out?


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