5 Reasons why ScrewAttack is failing.

Posted on June 12, 2012 - 3:50pm by The Stickman


Just like to say that I feel pretty dirty making a blog like this, things like this generally come across to me a very tacky, easy way to generate lots of views and attention, and make the writer seem very self-centered and arrogant to think he has all the answers. I just feel that after a month or so since the site had what was supposed to be its triumphant return, we still aren't happy, and I feel the need to express myself beyond the usual circle-jerk PM discussions that take place between people I won't name.


Oh yeah, and Subscribe, LOLOLOL.



ScrewAttack aren't listening to their Community.

 Thought I'd get this one out of the way first, as of writing we've had 3 "Town Hall" Meetings since the site relaunched last year and not once have I come away from those Meetings feeling like something is being done about my issues. For those that haven't watched one of these before it's basically Craig and a laptop reading questions from the live chat and then failing to answer them in a satisfactory way. The above image displays just some of the encounters I've had in the 3 Town Hall Meetings. I can't help but feel Craig isn't the person we should be talking to. Sure, he's the owner of the site and the main "personality" but when the issues are over the website and the community, we should be talking to the developers of the site, or Bryan the so-called Community Manager. The most recent Town Hall Meeting a couple weeks back was by far the worst, it was about 15 minutes long and provided no real answers to any questions submitted, mainly replying with "I don't know what you mean" responses before moving on, Craig  in fact spent most of the Meeting bigging up their E3 coverage (Which I'll get to in a moment) which is not the point of these Meetings. Craig just doesn't seem to get that people have issues with his site that are destroying the once great reputation it had, he either doesn't get it or doesn't believe things are issues. One such instance in relation to the infamous Blog Erasing Glitch began with him saying "I've never heard of that", only for other ScrewAttack Staff members saying that they had. There seems to be a lack of dialogue between ScrewAttack and the Community, and whilst I've got nothing against Craig, I don't think he understands the issues at hand, and perhaps in future we should be talking to the people directly responsible who know exactly what's going on.


We still don't have the things we need to thrive.

So, it took a long time for it to arrive and the arrival was the definition of turbulant but hey! We've got the subs and feed and all that wonderful stuff now, right? Well apparently not because after a week or so of slow  loading and error pages, ScrewAttack just decided to take it all back again and hasn't brought it back since (I'll get to the lack of communication in a bit). This is a bad thing in itself, but they chose to do this during E3, which is probably the biggest week in the gaming calender. What the hell? If it wasn't ready, then you shouldn't of updated, and if you updated too soon you shouldn't then take it all away without any solid explanation. For the past 3 or so years I've felt like I was taking part in E3 and ScrewAttack's coverage, this year? I felt completely isolated from anything ScrewAttack related the entire week. I haven't ever felt less part of the ScrewAttack "Community" over my entire time being a g1 then I did last week. We didn't have a Feed to talk to each other, we didn't have notifications, which meant we didn't have Subscriptions either, the site was constantly going down or taking forever to load regardless of all the new features being removed. Basically, we're back to square one again, but this time the site is broken in general as well. We still don't have what we need to get the site back on its feet, and we STILL don't know when/if it's coming back, but I'll get to the lack of communication in a bit. This was, and still is my biggest issue with the whole "NewAttack/NewFaceBookAttack" fiasco, it's all been very sloppily released, and the mistakes and errors have been very unprofesionally handled, by that I mean they haven't been handled at all, they've been ignored.



g1's need to stop forming "Cliques".

Moving away from the ScrewAttack team itself, time to moan at the g1's! Now, as someone who's been making blogs on this site for severeal years now, I'd like to think I'm resonably well known amongst g1's. Yet, despite this I feel very much cut off from the majority of people. Why is this? Because a lot of people have gone off and formed their own little sub-groups of g1's in what I like to call a "Circle Jerk". Before I anger people, I'm not saying any of these people are bad or wrong to do this kind of thing, in fact I talk to a lot of these people and they're just fine, but I object to this desire to form a "Team" of g1's and shut off people outside this circle. This has been going on for a while on ScrewAttack, but that doesn't mean it isn't a problem, I'm talking about g1 Features, Debased To This, Teh Pwn Shop (Who frankly, can keep their particular group of members) and all that crap. I'm not saying we can't be more friends with certain g1's than others, but if I feel intimidated and isolated by all these groups and their in-jokes and things they do, then how on earth would a new g1 feel? I'm not telling people to stop because I know that won't happen, I just wish g1's would stop banding together when we already are banded together as "g1's". I know some of these groups are trying to form the "new ScrewAttack" or work like a business but, without hurting your feelings, that ain't gonna happen, we're all a bunch of nerds on the internet, mainly teenagers at that, now's not the time to do shit like that. Again, sorry if I've offended anyone, I don't mean too, but the sooner we all stop being so elitist and power-hungry, the sooner we can all have more fun. This has probably come across as a mindless ramble but it's very hard to phrase what I feel about these things properly.



ScrewAttack aren't talking to their Community.

I think this problem came to the forefront most during the update a few weeks back. We'd been told in the (always informative) Town Hall Meeting in January that the update would be coming "Sometime in March". We got to May and we hadn't heard a single thing about it since...or at least I thought we hadn't. Turns out ScrewAttack had been undertaking a Beta test in secret with a select group of g1's without telling anyone but people on Facebook. Now as someone who doesn't use Facebook, I felt very much out of the loop and annoyed by this. ScrewAttack have a Twitter account, in fact most of the ScrewAttack crew are on Twitter, but I hadn't heard anything about the update or what it contained in almost half a year by that point. The only reason I had any idea what was going on was because I talk to g1's who do use Facebook and are less inclined to keep secrets from people. So, anyway, the site went down despite no warning on any place except Facebook promising it'd "Be back in the evening!". 4 days later and the site still wasn't up, was Twitter kept in the loop? Nope, in fact ScrewAttack's Twitter pretty much  went silent during the update whilst Facebook users were being kept up to date. When I brought up this lack of feedback to Craig on the latest and worst Town Hall Meeting, his response was "I don't understand what you mean" and that was that, no solutions, no explanations, nothing. Like it or not, the past year has been a bad one for ScrewAttack, a lot of people are disenchanted by the way things have been treated and how poorly we've all been kept up to date. It's still going on right now, when are we going to get the Feed/Notifcations/Subs back? Who knows, I sure don't. You need to talk to us, it takes more than a crappy live stream of "I don't know"'s and "I don't get it"'s every 3 or 4 months to appease us, and keeping Twitter users up to speed on what's going on would be a great start to fixing this problem. Like I said before I don't feel like I'm part of ScrewAttack right now, if anything I feel like I'm at odds with it due to the way I feel we've been treated, and this lack of communication is a big part of the problem.



g1's need to help make the Community Thrive.

It's all well and good me moaning at Craig and ScrewAttack for dropping the ball over the past few months, but the fact of the matter is none of this is going to get better if you people don't help make this place better! Whilst I've been one of the more vocally outraged people over the recent changes, I've  continued (forthe most part) to make blogs, to try and do things for the g1's and to try and get people involved in things. But with the latter I've had little success, I've tried numerous contests and "schemes" to try and get something fun going with you guys and you just don't seem to be interested, the only thing I've really had success in is my recent Desert Island Cartridges where 6 g1's are queued up to take part, and that's a great start admittedly. But it's not all about what I'm doing of course, problem is a lot of the g1's of old, the people who used to be the "big ones" so to speak have just given up on doing anything on this site, I understand completely why, in fact I myself went on hiatus for a couple of months due to the sheer frustration of things going on, but the fact of the matter is if you don't voice yourselves, we'll never get anything sorted! Fact of the matter is, it seemed to be that until recently ScrewAttack weren't aware people were unhappy with the site, and I continue to worry that they're missing the point in certain areas completely. I know a lot of you have the same opinions as I do on these things, yet none of you have bothered to voice that! Even then it's not just about moaning, if the community is failing how is abandoning it going to help matters? ScrewAttack need to get things sorted out, yes, but we have our own part to play in reviving the community. So...I don't know, stick up some bunting or some shit like that! I'm running out of things to say, so I'll stop, but I hope I've made my point clear.



Before you all fire flaming rant missiles at me, please let me explain two things. I don't mean to come across as some arrogant twat who thinks he knows what's best for everyone, and I know for a fact that's exactly how these blogs come across to most people, I've avoided doing this shit for so long but I've had enough so I needed to get this out there.  I doubt it'll do any good but at least I'm trying.

Also, I don't hate Screwattack, or Craig, or the g1's, or anyone I've had a go at in this blog, I just know that things can easily be made so much better if we all take our hands out of our arses and do something about it! Make blogs, voice your opinions, let the people in charge know how you feel, that's the only way we'll get things right again.



I'll probably avoid replying to comments I feel will cause a flamewar on this blog, just letting you know in case you feel left out of my usual "Reply to every comment ever" act.

Later gators!

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