5 reasons why you should play The Binding of Isaac

Posted on August 29, 2012 - 2:23pm by Canadian Brony


 1. Power-ups everywhere.

2. Replayability is off the charts.

3. It's a biblical game that doesn't suck.

4. Godly DLC.

5. It's $5, $8 if you get the DLC with it.

 Yes! After a few weeks of not writing anything so incredible that it'll blow your minds, here I am, back to writing. I had a few topics on my mind and I may do more of those topics some other time, but today, I wanted to talk about a game that I've already put 21 hours into even though I only bought it about 2 weeks ago. That game is The Binding of Isaac.

The game was made by the same guys who made Super Meat Boy and yes, this game is just as difficult. Once you die, you're dead. Game over. And trust me, that fact gets on your nerves after a while. 

Nothing is more embarrassing than being killed by a fly that you didn't see.

Nevertheless, this game remains one of my most played. It's a shame not everyone has had the chance to play this game. So that's why I'm bringing you this list. Behold! The top 5 reasons why you should play The Binding of Isaac!

1. A crap-ton of power-ups.

One thing that makes the game so much fun is finding power-ups. Now, power-ups in this game do what any other power-up would do. Make you stronger, raise health, increase range blah,blah,blah. But here's the catch. A lot of these power-ups have an effect on Isaac's appearence. Once you get a few, your quest to survive becomes a quest about how rediculous you can make Isaac look before you get killed! Some power-ups also change what you shoot at enemies. You can go from tears to blood, bombs, magic purple tears and of course, piss. 

Some power-ups also make it so flies or a cube of meat circle around you and deflect projectiles. With 200+ power-ups to acquire, you're mission to turn Isaac into an unholy abomination against nature will be a lengthy one.

2. You'll be replaying this game for a loooooooong time.

Here's another interesting fact about the game. Everytime you play it, the dungeons will have a different layout with different enemies in each room. Or, maybe the rooms wont enemies at all. Maybe it's an empty room. That's because the game is randomly generated and the rooms can be laughably easy or painfully hard. This makes it so no playthrough is alike. You never know what you're gonna get and that makes you want to play it more! 


Bottom line, you're not likely to get bored with the game if you don't give up on it because of it's difficulty. 

3. A game with biblical significance that isn't terrible??? WTF!?

Yes it's true. The Binding of Isaac has lots of references to the bible. Hell, the game's title is referencing the story of Abraham and his son! (Right?) The whole story is that Isaac's mother hears God telling her to sacrifice Isaac to him to prove that she loves him above all else. Isaac's mother listens and comes after Isaac with a knife. He escapes into the basement where he fights off zombies, maggots and flies! (Oh god flies). Even some power-ups are based off of holy symbols like a halo or cross. Sometimes, you can make a deal with the devil and become a demon in exchange for hearts. The mini bosses are personifications of the 7 deadly sins. 

Some of them even have interesting theories behind them. Like how Pride is possibly a picture Isaac drew of himself  and how Envy is like an internet troll since the more you attack him, the more of him there are. Sloth's design is certainly lives up to his name since he's basically a recolour of another enemy. (He was "lazily" designed). And Greed is obviously a shop keeper who survived being hanged. 

Anyway, out of all the bad biblical games with awful controls, bad graphics and stupid quizzes inbetween levels, this one has none of that and is totally worth your time.

4. Godly (seewhatIdidthere?) DLC.

While the game alone is terrific on it's own, the DLC makes it even more better than you could ever have imagined! Now, I understand that lots of people have their problems with DLC, but this is an instance where it's totally worth it. 100+ new power-ups! 15+ new bosses! 20+ new enemies! 5+ new levels! WOO HOO! Knowing this, you'll just be itching to buy the DLC. Even if it costs you three more bucks. 

5. It's five freakin' dollers! Eight with the DLC! 

Wait, wait, wait. You're telling me that I can have a game with all that stuff in it for five, maybe eight dollers? Wow... I... I need that to sink in for a minute. 


It's a wonder why I didn't get this game sooner with it being so cheap. I had never really been into games like this but for $5 I was willing to try it. I'm glad I did. And this game remains one of my most played out of my Steam game library.

Now as much as I've praised this game, I don't thinks it's as good as Portal 2 or Pikmin, but it's certainly up there. With it's visuals, controls, layout and secrets, this is one game that's certain to keep you in front of your computer screen for a long, long time.


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