5 Sequels That Disappointed Me

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So I finally decide to write a blog after god knows when, been busy with school and actually playing video games instead of just writing about it so here is my latest blog regarding how my excitement for the next entry in series lead to a lot of disappointment for myself. Usually sequels are relatively safe as they don’t stray from the establish formula of pervious titles in the franchise, but somehow after having an amazing experience the sequel just turns out to be “Okay” all the way to “WTF happened!” so here are the five games where my hype for a sequel turn to regret.

5. Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike

Why I liked the Series?

One of my favorite N64 games of all time had to be the Original Rogue Squadron as it was pure awesomeness as I loved the all vehicle focused missions which lead to many play through of the cartridge as going through Hoth was a moment in gaming that blew the mind of my younger self and I thought that it couldn’t get any better and it did in 2 ways. The first is what I consider the best Star Wars Game of all time Star Wars Arcade Trilogy, but the sequel to Rouge Squadron would do the same just more free form. When the GameCube launched I would ask my mom to take me to the local K-Mart just to play the demo level to Rouge Leader just so I can play it over and over till the demo was replaced with something else, which in turn lead to me getting a GameCube to just play Rouge Leader.

Getting to Replay such an Iconic Scene: GREATNESS

 The Wait and the Disappointment

 So when I heard that a new Rogue Squadron was being made I thought “YES, YES” this couldn’t go wrong, so I had the game preordered and replayed the first two titles so I could be even more excited for the next entry in the series, and then I got the game and man what happened? Well the thing that did kill it for me like many other had to be the on foot parts as well the controlled way to clunky in contrast to the great vehicle controls of the rest of the game, as auto aim too away any excitement that these sections could have had. The rest of the game overall felt like not much else was changed over Rouge Leader as escort mission where still a pain like they were in the last two games, which lead to me having disappointment with the third entry in the Rogue Squadron series.

LIKE Battlefront minus any of the FUN of that game


4. BioShock 2


 Why I Liked the Series?

 Well I well just go out and say it “ I love Bioshock” and I think it that it is one of the best games of all time, as the story , the environment and pacing are all done so dam well that I lost track of how many times I have play it. Plus the powers that you get are so damm awesome like being able to set a corpse on fire and the fling it and of course the plot twist midway through the game is still one of the most iconic moments in gaming that it, or being a complete evil bastard to get your hands on the Adam, even though you would have likely missed out of the best power controlling a Big Daddy. So yeah BioShock is one my favorite games of all time and the sequel had a lot to live up for and man it didn’t even come close.

Listening to  Speech to this day still gives me chills

The Wait and Disappointment

Bioshock 2 was more of a disappointment than an actually bad game to me, but still a disappointing squeal in the end. Where the story of the first child had Andrew Ryan and “Atlas” aka Frank Fotaine where amazing as the antagonist, but Bioshock 2 antagonist Sofia Lamb just felt like she would randomly tell you that something bad is going to happened and never felt like a real threat. Playing as Subject Delta aka the first Big Daddy should have been awesome but it wasn’t outside of the drill which used way too much fuel to be effective and which the first Bioshock did give you let you become a Big Daddy at the end of the game a lot better well in my perspective. Then the last thing was the multiplayer which wasn’t really anything bad but just wasn’t all the appealing after a short time, so in the end Bioshock 2 was a squeal that had to aspire to be as great as the first title, but in the end it was a disappointing sequel.

 Somehow being the first Big Daddy wasn't  as cool I thought except for the drill


3 Final Fantasy XIII

Like going forward well Final Fantasy XIII is the game for you


Why I Liked the Series?

I have enjoyed the Final Fantasy series a lot I have play the majority of the titles and I still own Final Fantasy 1,2,4,6,7,8,9 and 10 and some of the spin offs and each of those titles have been great experiences as each title had moments in gaming that are iconic like Kefka destroying the world in Final Fantasy 6 or finding out that Vivi was meant to be a expendable weapon of war in Final Fantasy 9. Another part of Final Fantasy that is pure greatness has to be the scores in the series as One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy 7 is to me the best theme to a villain in the franchise and the intro theme always sounds great regardless of the title, as just hearing it brings back great memories of an Iconic franchise. So yeah I would consider myself a fan and that fanboyism lead to me buying Final Fantasy 13 without question which I would go on to regret.

I actually really like VIII a lot but XIII was just EHH


The Wait and the Disappointment

The first trailers to Final Fantasy 13 looked so dam cool when I first saw them I thought to myself that “I would get a PS3 just to play Final Fantasy 13”, so when I heard that Final Fantasy 13 was coming to the 360 I thought yes I am going to be able to play the next entry in the series on my 360, as I didn’t have a ps3 at the time. Just like a blind fanboy would do, I preordered the game at the first chance that I could think that “nothing could go wrong” and boy was I wrong about that. When I picked up the game at launch I went home and played, well not really as the game required very little input from the player at all. So yeah I found the combat to be just boring and the plot to be very boring as I really didn’t care about any of the characters and this is coming from the guy that liked Squall from Final Fantasy 8. Then the last nail in the coffin had to be the fact the Final Fantasy 13 is way to linear as you can only go straight till a certain point of the game which my god let you visit the environment, which came as a shock after going straight for god knows how many hours, which turn me off from the series.

You can kinda of go left and right just not that much in Final Fantasy XIII


2 Marvel Vs. Capcom 3  

Why I liked the Series?

I bought a Sega Saturn just so I could play the greatness that was X-Men: Children of the Atom, Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men VS Street Fighter, and Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter, that I even imported the last two title that I mentioned and I own MVC2 on XBLA and Marvel VS Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes on the Dreamcast. My experience with the series goes far beyond this as I would date back to the era of the arcades as I played all those games for fun in the arcade and something competitively. To this date I still play these games with my friends whenever I get the chance to as “IT’S SOO MUCH FUN, SOO much fun” sorry had to make one regular show reference in this blog, but back on track I loved the series so much that my fanboy goggles went up again when I heard about MVC 3 being made.

Well worth an action replay plus just to play this sweet port of an arcade classic


The Wait and the Disappointment

Just like Final Fantasy 13, I would have my fanboy glasses on and I preorder MVC3 at the first chance that I got to. So like every other game mentioned on this list I waited for this at launch, and went home to play it the first chance that I got and I play the hell out of it that week, then I just got bored of it in that entire week. So I stopped playing the game and went back to playing Halo 3, and I popped in the game every then and there to see if I felt the same way towards the game. In time I just couldn’t have fun with the title that it is one of the few titles that I decide to sell as I found myself going back towards MVC 2 as the reason I was off put my MVC 3 was first I didn’t like the soundtrack to MVC 3. The other reasons was that MVC 3 just got boring after a while as even playing the game online would get boring and I was also turn off by how simplify the combat was as it didn’t feel like there was much depth to the game in my eyes, which are why I didn’t even bother getting Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 as it would feel like more of the same.

I been playing MVC2 for years, I played MVC3 for a weekend and sold it, bet you can guess which game I like?


1 Dragon Age 2


Why I Liked the Series?

Bioware has made some of my favorite rpgs of all time like Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Baldur’s Gate, and Mass Effect, but man the first Dragon felt like a tribute to Baldur’s Gate and that alone got me to try out the first Dragon Age title. So I picked up Dragon Age the Ultimate Edition for the 360 and when I played man it was well worth it. The first thing that I thought was cool is how different each play though is as each of the three races, and the many classes to choose form. Plus like pervious Bioware games you are able to the game as you pleased as you can be as evil a you want or nice and helpful on your quest to save Ferelden from the Blight. So I have lost of how much time I have play this game as each time I play it I find it to be as addictive as the first time and I thought the second title would be even better, but I was man wrong again.

One of the best deals in gaming well worth the price


The Wait and the Disappointment

So unlike every other game on this list I didn’t bother even bother preordering it as it when I saw the first gameplay trailer to Dragon Age 2 man was I turnoff incredibly fast, with what I consider to be the worst game from BioWare. I might have not bought Dragon Age 2 when it first launch, but I did borrowed it from a friend of mines who also was disappointed by the “EPIC GAMEPLAY” that was Dragon Age 2. So the first thing I will say that I didn’t like was the fact that instead of choosing a race you were stuck playing as a Human the entire time, but that is my own biased self as I really liked playing as a dwarf in the first game, the second thing was that the story felt lest epic in scale as your where saving Ferelden from the Blight, in the second game you get rich stuff happens as you go straight. Dragon Age 2 somehow is really linear as for the most part you only go straightforward for the majority of the game, and the last important issues that turned me off from Dragon Age 2 the combat which was pretty much the player mashing the same button the entire time which made pausing the game pointless as you could just button mash your way through the entire game, which felt made me feel that I was left with “Dynasty Warriors: BioWare Edition”. So if another BioWare is made I think I will just go to play The Witcher instead.

Get ready to button mash the entire time and see the same dungeons over and over!  Super Exciting  Game! I wished!


So that sums up the 5 games that I was excited for and that lead to mass disappointment as the squeal wasn’t able to live up to the franchise or just was a bad game in my point of view. Whether you agree or disagree with my choices, I think we can all agree that being excited for a squeal and being disappointed by the sequel sucks. So as share your comments of games that left you with disappointment in the comments if you want to and hope you enjoyed this blog, and my next blog shall happen when the planets all align or I decided to write something. Finally thanks for reading my work.



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