5 Things That are Wrong With Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer

Posted on July 28, 2012 - 2:59pm by NinjaRed64


 Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode is surprisingly enjoyable. Unfortunately, there are a few flaws that are persistant, and can hamper the experience. In this article I'm gonna narrow 5 glaring problems with Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode. 

 Now before we start, I want to clarify something first: I enjoy playing the multiplayer mode in Mass Effect 3. Its fun, enjoyable, and is pretty competent overall. Like i said, there are a few problems that players might encounter while playing the game.  I'm gonna narrow them down to 5. Now remember, I'm just gonna list them, but i'm not gonna dictate which is worse.


#5: The N7 Ranking

For those of you who don't know, each multiplayer user has an associated N7 Ranking. The ranking serves as an indicator of players' overall level of experience with the game, and is calculated by adding together the player's level in each class, plus 10 for each character that player has promoted. The thing is, what is the purpose of this? Other than appearing on your screen, it really doesn't affect gameplay at all. There is no increase in damage or powers, both of which are upgraded in the game in between matches. It serves no purpose other than showing everyone else that you've been playing for a while. Its like having a Franklin badge that has no power in Earthbound. It looks pretty, but its useless. 


#4: The Galactic Readiness System

Galactic Readiness and the Galaxy at War systems dictate the percentage of how much of your war assets will be used at the end of the single-player campaign, which also dictates the state of Earth depending on the ending you've chosen (I'll get into the ME3 ending soon). What's very annoying is that the percentage would go down everytime you turn off your console, forcing you into playing a few multiplayer matches to increase your rating again so you can see the "secret" ending. Prior to the release of the EC ending, the amount of war assests needed for this ending was 4100; afterwards, it has been decreased to 3100, rendering the Galactic Readiness entirely redundant. 


#3: Reusing the Same Maps from the Single-Player Campaign 

 Fire Base Ghost

The Same Map from The Side-Quest Benning: Evidence


Though this is kinda nitpicking, prior to the releases of all the multiplayer dlc, the maps that were featured in the multiplayer are simply reused areas from sidequests in the single-player campaign. They get really old and boring, and displays a lack of creativity. Fortunately there have been more original maps that have been released with the Rebellion, Resurgence, and Earth packs to give more variety. 


#2: Glitches galore

Glitches are a bane in several online multiplayer games, and Mass Effect 3 is no exception. One notable issue was with already unlocked kits, characters, and items that are being locked again, typically after switching kits, along with the zoom-out glitch in one specific map. Another bug occasionally happens when you are playing as a Vangaurd; by using Charge immediately before getting knocked out. It will cause the player to glitch heavily during movement, float several feet above the ground, before getting stuck either right underneath the map or several hundred feet above the ground. There is also the Invincible enemy glitch, where the grabbing animation behind cover doesn't occur, and the enemy appears beside you, invincible to all attacks. Though some of these glitches have been fixed, others are still, as Mordin would say, problematic. 


#1: The Roulette-based Item Store

An annoying system that constantly gives you random items or characters, regardless of whether or not it is what you want or is something that you rarely even use.  Depending on the pack you purchase, even the most expensive pack in the MP can only give you weapon upgrades instead of weapons themselves, or constantly getting bonus xp and customization options for a character you don't even use instead of actually unlocking a character, and even then, you might be dissapointed when it unlocks a character you don't want. All in all, its more a gamble than anything else, requiring more luck than skill.


So that concludes my list of the worst things about Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer Mode. What do you guys think? Oh, and I will give a quick look at the EC endings next time. 

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